Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Flooding the Zone

William Bennett host of the "Morning in America" radio show during a conversation with the great conservative pundit Mona Charen on Tuesday morning was in a depressed mood talking about how there were so many scandals and bad actions by this administration it was comparable to a football offense 'flooding the zone', where the offense sends out so many receivers in a zone defense that they can't all be covered.  If the defense concentrates on covering one receiver, then the others get open.  Sometimes there is so much confusion in the defense they all get open.  

In another sense it is like the whack a mole game, where you hammer down one mole, another one pops up, and then when you whack that one, the original one comes back is impossible to keep them all down, if any of them.

There has been so much corruption and cover-up by this administration that they all seem to be getting overlooked [i.e., getting away with them].   The omnipresent Obama administration scandals are so overwhelming they have become, to many Americans, matter of fact, insignificant peccadilloes.  That is indeed a shame.

The Obama administration flooding the zone with:

*Fast and furious
*Illegal recess appointments [when congress is not in recess]
*IRS targeting conservatives opposed to this president
*NSA gathering data base on all Americans
*FBI surveying the Associated Press 
*Atty General Eric Holder falsely naming Fox News James Rosen as co-conspirator in order to spy on him.
*Sharyl Attkisson a CBS news correspondent had her personal computers and other digital equipment hacked after she investigated and published articles contrary to the interest of this administration.
*President Obama unilaterally ordering that a portion of his Obamacare legislation passed legally by the congress of the United States not be enforced until he deems appropriate.

What do we [American people, conservative talk radio pundits and congress] go after to investigate and attack when there is so much?  We can't cover them all.  We can't whack them all down.

Here is maybe where you can help me out.  I know that in football when the offense floods the zone with receivers, the way to counter that is for the defense to put an all out blitz attacking the quarterback.   Then if the defense can get to the quarterback and sack him before he can get his pass off, it won't matter how many open receivers there are.  The defense will have won that battle.  My question is how do we do that politically?  It seems like in the same way the defense ignores the receivers and attacks the quarterback, does that mean we need to ignore the receivers [scandals] and attack [politically] the president?   But exactly how do we do that?  I am open to any suggestions that you may have.  I'd really like to know.

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