Monday, July 22, 2013

Exposing the Untruths of the Zimmerman Trial

There are many untruths being spewed regarding the George Zimmerman trial and verdict that need to be addressed.  Most of those untruths are being touted by those who say the verdict was unjust and that George Zimmerman should have been found guilty.

Here are some of those untruths:

Gladys   Zimmerman
1George Zimmerman was not a minority himself because he was a "white" Hispanic. [sic]   This is the most obvious and easiest untruth to dispel.  There is not a case I can think of where there is a mixed race marriage that the children aren't considered to be that of the minority race.  George Zimmerman's mother, Gladys, was born and brought up in Lima, Peru.  She is a Peruvian American whose first language is Spanish.  She has been involved in Florida deeply in the Hispanic community, where she is loved.  For the New York Times and the main stream media and liberal commentators to continue to this day to call Zimmerman a "white" Hispanic is despicable because it is done for one reason only-to foment division between the races by calling this a white on black crime.  If they could foment division, they could also foment interest in the case and make money off their despicable rhetoric.  For the MSM to continue to call Zimmerman white... means they cannot take offense for anyone else to call Barack Obama a white black man.  In fact, I say, if they really believe that George Zimmerman is white, they can no longer call Barack Obama the first black president.   We haven't had one yet [unless you count Bill Clinton].  No, the truth is George Zimmerman is an Hispanic American, a minority just as much as Treyvon Martin.  That truth blows up the whole race baiters [Jackson, Sharpton, the NAACP,] theory of racism involved here.  This was a case of an Hispanic American shooting a black American kid in self defense.  And that is the politically incorrect reality.

2. George Zimmerman racially profiled Trayvon Martin.  In one of the most disgusting acts of media manipulation ever, NBC news set the stage for the hatred of George Zimmerman by many black Americans by their editing tape to portray Zimmerman as a racist against blacks.  NBC edited the 9-11 tape that Zimmerman made the night of shooting to make it look like Zimmerman indeed racially profiled Trayvon Martin by saying [in their edited version] "this guy looks like he's up to no good, like he's on drugs or something, he looks black" [sic].  That looked very bad, except for the fact that was not what Zimmerman said.  George Zimmerman never even brought up the man's race, until he was asked the question by the 9-11 operator that NBC cut out, "give a description, is he white, black or Hispanic?"   Only then did George Zimmerman say, "he looks black."  Zimmerman didn't even definitely say the kid was black and when he said "he looks black" he just said it matter-of-factly and not with any animosity.  If the 9-11 operator didn't ask that question, I suspect Zimmerman would have never even mentioned Trayvon's race.  That NBC news edited tape was not just on NBC news, almost all the networks covered it.  I remember being at my job in the swing room with many blacks when this came out on CNN.  When the edited tape was played, the blacks in the room were rightfully outraged..."that guy's a racist" they all said.  When I tried to come back a couple weeks later and tell them, the tape was edited, Zimmerman didn't really offer that he was didn't matter.  The first impression left by the bogus tape was set and from then on, no matter what other evidence came out, George Zimmerman was a racist who shot an unarmed black kid in cold blood.  For a major news network to have libeled Zimmerman like that is really disgusting.  I blame them more than anyone else for the death threats on Zimmerman and his family that took place from the beginning.  The FBI's year long investigation of George Zimmerman found no animosity or racial profiling by George Zimmerman towards black people.  Just the opposite, Zimmerman has been found to be inclusive and friendly to black people.  Even if there wasn't an FBI investigation, you know that to be true, because if the prosecution could have found one, just one person who heard Zimmerman either use the N word, or make derogatory statements about blacks, or show any animosity or racial profiling of blacks by George Zimmerman they would have put them on the stand.  The prosecution couldn't even find one person to show that Zimmerman racially profiled blacks.  And that is the politically incorrect reality.

3.   George Zimmerman did something terribly wrong that night which led to the death of Trayvon Martin.  One can say as a Monday morning QB in hindsight that George Zimmerman should have acted differently [for ex., not get out of his truck] that he showed bad judgement or that another person might have acted in a different way, but tell me what did George Zimmerman do that was wrong or illegal?   He got in his truck to make his weekly trek to Target to go shopping-was that wrong or in any way against the law?  Being a neighborhood watch person he saw a suspicious young man in the neighborhood and called 9-11.  Was that wrong?  Yes, he followed him to see where he went, maybe bad judgement, but was that wrong?  When the 9-11 operator asked him if he was following him, he said yes and the operator said we don't need for you to do that. Mr. Zimmerman said okay [and there is no contrary evidence that he continued to follow Trayvon]--a lot of people just overlook the fact that George Zimmerman said okay [that he wouldn't continue to follow Trayvon]-why would he have lied then that he wouldn't follow him anymore, when it would have been easy for him to say he wasn't following the first time the operator asked.  George Zimmerman told the operator it looked like he got away and when the operator asked if he still wanted the police to meet him he said yes.  Did he do anything wrong then?  If Zimmerman was this evil racist who just wanted to shoot Trayvon Martin because "they all get away", why the hell would he tell the police to meet him when they could have been witnesses of his "crime" to kill Trayvon.  There was a four minute period, after both Rachel Jeantel and George Zimmerman in their recorded calls say that Trayvon had eluded or gotten out of sight or got away from George Zimmerman.  We don't know what happened during those four minutes but Trayvon Martin could have crawled home [500 feet away] and certainly walked home, and easily ran home if he had wanted to.  During that four minute period when both George Zimmerman said Trayvon Martin was out of sight, and it was corroborated by Trayvon Martin himself in the call to Rachel Jeantel [when he told Rachel he had lost him], did George Zimmerman do anything wrong then?  While we don't know what the two did during that four minute period, even if you don't believe George Zimmerman's statement that Trayvon surprised him by confronting him, we do know that at that point they came in contact with each other.  However they met, both sides said Trayvon spoke first either asking Mr. Zimmerman if he had a problem [Zimmerman's account] or asking Zimmerman why he was following him [Jeantel's account].  George Zimmerman told Trayvon Martin he didn't have a problem-and according to George Zimmerman in every account he gave, Trayvon Martin said "you do now" and that's when he punched Zimmerman in the nose.  We do know that Zimmerman got punched in the nose by the physical evidence.  Did George Zimmerman do anything wrong then?  Then George Zimmerman, by all the testimony and physical evidence, was being attacked by Trayvon Martin, with Martin on top of Zimmerman.  Did George Zimmerman do anything wrong then?  George Zimmerman began to scream for help over and over [unless you unrealistically believe that Trayvon Martin, on top of Zimmerman pounding his face, was the one that screamed for help].   Did George Zimmerman do anything wrong by screaming for help?  After numerous attacks to the face of George Zimmerman and his head either being shoved or punched to the ground, George Zimmerman tried, as he put it "to shimmy" from under him to get his whole body on the grass so his head wasn't constantly being slammed to the sidewalk.  Did he do anything wrong then?  When he moved his jacket opened exposing his gun, and according to Zimmerman Trayvon said "you die tonight, MF'er" and was reaching for his gun.  It is true that is just George Zimmerman's account, but even if you don't believe that Trayvon was reaching for his gun or even saw the gun, after 40 seconds of being pounded with his head being slammed to the concrete, Zimmerman finally reached for his gun and shot him one time to stop [as he stated that it felt like his head was about to explode] the attack.   Did George Zimmerman do anything wrong then?  The jury, and I think any reasonable person looking at the facts would have to conclude that Zimmerman was acting in self defense.  What was George Zimmerman supposed to do-just keep on taking blows to the face and allow his head to hit the concrete?   So, my question remains.  From the beginning of the time George Zimmerman went out to shop until the time he shot Trayvon Martin, tell me what he did that was wrong or illegal?   While he may have made some bad judgements, the politically incorrect reality is George Zimmerman did nothing wrong or illegal that tragic night. 

4.  Trayvon Martin, was just an innocent kid walking home with skittles when George Zimmerman shot him to death.  This is so sad this happened for parents to lose a child like that, being shot, but if Trayvon Martin really just wanted to go home he could have.  Now, just as I said about George Zimmerman, the fact that he did not go home is not wrong.  Trayvon Martin didn't do anything wrong or illegal by hanging around on the streets if he did.  Trayvon Martin didn't do anything wrong or illegal when he went back to where Zimmerman was and confronted Zimmerman when he asked Zimmerman [depending on the version you believe] if Zimmerman had a problem or why was Zimmerman following him .  Up to that point, neither person did anything wrong or illegal.  But then Trayvon Martin punched [and maybe broke] Zimmerman's nose and then attacked Zimmerman on the ground punching him [mostly in the face].  That is undisputed from the physical and eye witness evidence. Now that is when Trayvon crossed the line.  That was when Trayvon Martin not only did something wrong, but also broke the law.   Here is the Florida law: "Assault is defined as "an intentional threat by word, or act that seeks to physically harm another, coupled with an apparent ability to do so, which creates a well-founded fear in such other person that such violence is imminent."  "Battery is defined as when a person "intentionally touches or strikes another person, without that person’s consent; or Intentionally causes bodily harm to another person."    Up until the time Trayvon struck Mr. Zimmerman, neither one [while one or both may have used bad judgement] did anything wrong or illegal.  Once, Martin hit and attacked Zimmerman, that ended.  Although both assault and battery charges, without any prior assault and or battery charges, are misdemeanors in Florida, a person found guilty could be sentenced up to a year in jail and a $1500 fine.  If Trayvon Martin had lived, he was the one who could have actually been charged with assault and battery.  It is true, Trayvon Martin was an innocent 17 year old, just going home after going to the store.  But he did not go home when he had the chance, but rather confronted George Zimmerman and assaulted Zimmerman [injuries only on Zimmerman support that claim] and that is the politically incorrect reality of this case.

5.  Trayvon Martin would be alive today if George Zimmerman wouldn't have followed him that night.  Of course you could say if George Zimmerman wasn't out on the street that night or that if Trayvon Martin didn't go out to the store then Trayvon Martin would be alive today, that is obvious.  But for those who say that the reason Trayvon Martin is dead today is because Zimmerman followed him is false.  The fact that at first Zimmerman followed Martin to see where he was so he could tell the police had nothing to do with Martin being shot.  There was nothing stopping Trayvon Martin from just walking home.  There was certainly a time when both sides say Zimmerman lost sight of Martin and Martin [through Rachel Jeantel in talking to Martin on the phone] said he had lost Zimmerman.  If he just went home he would be alive today, and it didn't matter whether or not Zimmerman followed him.  Even when Martin came back to confront ZImmerman, he would still be alive today if he hadn't assaulted Zimmerman.  Does anyone really think George Zimmerman, without any physical action taken by Trayvon Martin, would take out his gun and shoot him point blank? [and he knew the police were on the way]  The reason Trayvon Martin is not alive today is not because Zimmerman followed him but the fact that he assaulted Zimmerman.   You might make an argument that Zimmerman shouldn't have followed Martin, or got out of his truck, but those actions did not cause Trayvon's Martin's death and that is the politically incorrect reality.   

6.  Trayvon Martin was denied a trial of his peers [this unbelievable ignorant untruth of the US  Constitution was spouted by Reverend Jesse Jackson].  Being interviewed by Harris Faulkner on the Fox News Channel Jackson said " those six women don’t represent Trayvon’s ‘peers’, saying that not one male, not one black was in the jury."  There are two big problems with that inanity from Jesse Jackson.  The word peers does not mean people of the same sex or race or sexual orientation or color.  Peers refers to impartial citizens coming from the community.  More importantly, the sixth amendment to the US Constitution says that it is the accused [the defendant] who is the one who has a right to an impartial jury of his peers, not the victim or the accusing party.  It is George Zimmerman who had the constitutional right to be tried by a jury of his peers not Trayvon Martin.   Either Jesse Jackson knows that and is trying to stir up an ignorant mob to say that Trayvon did not get a jury of his peers, or he actually is that stupefyingly ignorant of the law.  And that is the politically incorrect reality.  

7.  The reason George Zimmerman was allowed legally to shoot Trayvon Martin was because of Florida's "stand your ground" law.  The stand your ground Florida law had absolutely zero to do with George Zimmerman's defense claims.  It was never asserted by the defense and it was never argued against by the prosecution.  The defense claimed George Zimmerman acted in self defense.  [not the stand your ground additive to the self defense law passed in Florida in 2005]   Self defense is a right understood by every state in the union.  In Florida self-defense is a "legal protection for the use of force, even deadly force, to protect one's life or the life of a third party".   There could have been no enactment of the stand your ground statute in Florida and George Zimmerman still had a right to use deadly force to protect himself from [what he perceived to be] imminent death or great bodily harm.  For the Attorney General of the United States and the President of the United States to imply the "stand your ground" statutes need to be looked at because of what happened in this case is totally disingenuous and pandering to the already enraged crowd.  That is truly shameful for this president to exploit this tragic death for political purposes.  I am not saying the "stand your ground" laws should not be looked into if the states feel a need to, but not because of the Zimmerman case as the Zimmerman case had nothing to do with that statute.  And that is the politically incorrect reality.

Because those untruths have not been adequately disputed  this local Florida case has been blown way, way out of proportion, especially by the race baiters [i.e., Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, the NAACP], this president, the attorney general and those in the leftist media.  And because it has been blown way out of proportion, there have been demonstrations [sometimes blocking streets-as in one case in Houston, where a grandmother was taking her grand daughter to the hospital because of an allergic reaction but was blocked by an unruly mob], there have been individual incidents of violence [in the name of Trayvon], calls for investigations to see if George Zimmerman was some racist who committed a hate crime and violated Trayvon Martin's civil rights, there have been chants of "no justice, no peace,"  there have been death threats against George Zimmerman and his family, and there have been insincere [in my opinion] calls [by the president] to search our souls and [by the attorney general] to have an honest discussion about race.

All of this, why?   Because an Hispanic neighborhood watch man shot in self defense a 17 year old black kid when he was being assaulted by him.  It was a tragic outcome to a misunderstanding and grieving parents have lost their son, but this was no crime and a jury found the Hispanic man not guilty.  Cries for "no justice, no peace" don't apply in this situation as justice was done.

The fact that the Attorney General of the United States, Eric Holder, won't call this a fair trial with justice done and that the country should come together and move on is the real injustice.


bradley said...

Superb analysis, all points hard to argue--- your point # 6 is the first time i've heard someone point out that Zimmerman not Travon was on trial and a jury of HIS peers was selected. Also the plaintiffs had every opportunity ,as did the defense ,to strike any potential juror! The race baitors will have no ability to interpret correctly or with an open mind your post, and THAT also is an injustice!

Big Mike said...

Thank you brother!!

lynngg said...

Well said in all accounts.

Big Mike said...

Thanks big Lynn.

Unknown said...

Wow! The Left has such terrible power to falsify.

Thank you for your efforts on the side of simple truths.

Big Mike said...

Thanks Balladeer! Blessings to you!