Thursday, July 11, 2013

Breaking News From Congressman John Culberson!

There was good news on the Edd Hendee show, a local conservative radio show in Houston.  Edd Hendee was talking with Congressman John Culberson of Texas who told Edd he had breaking news.

Congressman Culberson said the US Senate immigration bill has not even been sent over to the House yet by Harry Reid.  The reason is that it has been found out that the senate bill contains tax increases in the bill which makes it unconstitutional, as all revenue increases must originate in the House of Representatives.  So, once the bill comes over to the House, the GOP will be able to procedurally "kill" the bill.   That means once the bill is killed in the House, any immigration reform bill that may come out of the house will not be subjected to a conference committee with the senate bill as it will be dead.  Whatever, if any, immigration bill that comes out of the house will be in effect a new bill. 

Things are looking better and better for those of us who do not want any amnesty, at least until the United States borders are sealed and illegal immigration from our porous borders has been stopped. 

Border security first or no bill!


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