Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Question That Should Be Asked

We have the "fast and furious" scandal that president Obama said he knew nothing about until he heard it on the news like everyone else.  "His" Attorney General, Eric Holder, said he never told the president about it in order to mislead, err, I mean in order to let the American people know that the president was completely unaware of the deleterious program.

We have the Benghazi scandal, a scandal in which four Americans died in a terrorist attack where the president was completely unaware of the need for more security for the Americans stationed there [I say completely unaware because no American president knowing the eminent danger of Americans under their command would deny that security-would they?]. 

Also, in the Benghazi scandal we have the altering of talking points.  His spokesmouth, Jay Carney, guaranteed us that the president had zip, zero, nada to do with the changing of the talking points that Susan Rice spewed before the American people and the world. 

We have the IRS scandal in which again the president knew nothing of the targeting of conservative groups and individuals with invasive, intimidating questions.  President Obama said he "found out about it in the news", like the rest of us.  In fact, those of us news junkies who check the Internet regularly for breaking news, probably knew more about it before the president of the United States did.  There have been reports of members of his administration being informed about the IRS scandal, but we are to believe that they purposely kept this knowledge from the president of the United States.  Why should the president be bothered on 'how the sausage gets made'?

We had the AP reporters/James Rosen/Fox News scandals that the president knew nothing about until basically the same time the rest of America found out about them.  How could Attorney General Holder tell the president about it when he himself didn't remember signing the subpoenas that let the judges know the evilness of James Rosen and the need to spy on his parents and dog.

I first learned about it in the news like the rest of you.

Tales, in a spirit of bi-partisanship, is willing to be generous and give the president of the United States the benefit of the doubt and stipulate that President Obama knew nothing, nothing about any of these scandals before the rest of us. Tales further stipulates, for the purpose of bi-partisanship, that if anyone in the White House did learn about these scandals, they didn't inform the commander-in-chief.
With that in mind we now have the NSA secretly collecting phone records of  hundreds of millions of Americans.  In this case, the president has come out in a press conference and guaranteed the American people that no one is listening in on any American's conversations.   The president gives us his 100% absolute guarantee on that.

Here is the question that should be asked: "How the hell would he know?"


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Good Question! Bah ha ha

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