Monday, June 10, 2013

The Two Other Reasons The Obama Administration Covered-up The Benghazi Terror Attack

Everyone is rightly recounting how the Obama administration pushed the narrative that an anti-Islam video spurred a spontaneous crowd into anger that extremists took advantage of by killing Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans at the mission.  This narrative was not just delivered in the bogus edited talking points, but also by members of the Obama administration and President Obama himself.   It is said that the president was pushing that bogus narrative because his re-election campaign was touting that Osama Bin Laden was dead, Al Qaeda was dismantled and the terrorists were in retreat.   If it came out from the get go that this was a terrorist attack by an Al Qaeda associated group, it would have completely belied that foreign policy narrative right before the election.
Nakoula Basseley who made the anti-Mohammad video being arrested "in America"

All that is true but there are two other big reasons the bogus video talking points were pushed as the reason for the Benghazi attack.    President Obama made a huge deal about how "he" took down the Libyan dictator Qadafi, like he did Bin Laden and how the "wonderful" Arab spring was now spreading to Libya where the good peaceful Muslim people, just yearning to be free and democratic would be running Libya.  So, what did the president do to advance that narrative.  He lessened, not increased, the security there to put a smaller American foot print on Libya and demonstrate to the American people and the world that Libya was now a peaceful country, free and democratic.  President Obama's administration sadly and recklessly lessened the security for Ambassador Stevens and the Embassy, in spite of warnings by the CIA that three other previous terror attempts were waged in Benghazi and in spite of pleas from Ambassador Stevens begging for more security.  It is sad to say that the commander-in-chief worried more about his legacy [showing that because of his actions Libya was all of a sudden a free, peaceful country] than he was about the safety of the people he put there.

Because of those facts came the first other reason President Obama and his team had to push the anti-Mohammad video as reason for the attack [and thereby hide that this was a terrorist attack].  It was to cover-up the president and the Secretary of State's derelictions of duty to provide security for people under their command.  If that had come out before the election it would have been devastating to his re-election effort.

The second other reason President Obama and his team had to push the anti-Mohammad video was that he couldn't make the people [Muslims] in Libya the villains.  He had to make it the fault of an American for the violence.  It is a continuation of what has been a theme of this administration since it's inception in 2009-"blame America first."  Terrorism is never the fault of the great people of the religion of peace.  President Obama and Hillary Clinton will on the one hand say that violence is never justified, but in the next breath blame an American "shadowy character" [sic] video maker for inciting the violence.  According to this administration there has always been some action by an American, a burning of the Koran, or a Mohammad cartoon, or an anti-Muslim video that incites Islamists [or as Obama calls them, extremists] to violence.

So, the two other reasons that explain the curious cover-up actions by president Obama and his administration after the Benghazi attack:

1. Hide the president's dereliction of duty to protect Americans under his command.
2. Blame America first.


Nota Lemming said...

and lets not forget how number two plays into the bigger picture.......
Obama: “The Future Must Not Belong to Those Who Slander the Prophet of Islam” (VIDEO) | FrontPage Magazine

Big Mike said...

good point Nota! thsnks

Anonymous said...

Yep, Blame America First. You'd think our President wasn't an American. Bah ha ha ha Just sayin.

Krissy in ATX

Big Mike said...

Or a Muslim... :-))
Thanks, Krissy