Monday, June 24, 2013

The Incredible Shrinking President

President Obama in the first term as president

*Signed his 1 trillion dollar stimulus [porkulus] bill. [actual cost over 3 trillion dollars]
*Signed his Obamacare bill.
*President Obama wins debt ceiling battle as congress gives in to raise it.
*Congress again caves into Obama agreeing to raise taxes "on the rich in December of 2012".
*The president successfully covers up his scandals-Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS, FBI spying on  journalists
*The president maintains approval ratings close to and above 50%
*The president's teleprompter works successfully to give the illusion that he is a good speaker.
*People have been known to faint at some of his speeches.
*President Obama wins re-election. 

The incredible shrinking President starting his second term as president:

*The president loses the sequester battle.
*The president loses the battle with congress to raise taxes on the rich again.
*The president loses the gun control legislation battle with the congress.
*The scandals he successfully covered-up in his first term to win re-election begin to unravel as congress investigates the scandals.
*The president's teleprompter does not save him as he gives what is universally thought of as one of the worst speech's given by any US president in Germany.
*People have been known to yawn at some of his speeches.
*The president's approval ratings begin to drop like a rock to the mid-40% levels.

                                  President Obama:

campaigning in 2008

as candidate in Germany in 2008 

with president Putin in June 2012

                       The incredible shrinking president:

campaigning for re-election in 2012

in Germany in 2013

With president Putin in June 2013