Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The First Family's Sequester Sacrifice?

Hat tip: A great American, my Aunt Carla from St. Louis.
President Obama always lectures us on how he needs to pay more in taxes [of course, when push comes to shove he takes every single deduction possible to lower his taxes] because he is in that bracket of  "evil, ungrateful" Americans that are not paying their fair share. The president feels bad about  paying a less percentage than Warren Buffet's underpaid secretary.

Hey Mr. Prez, I've got a better idea.  You and the first lady start taking vacations that don't cost any more than Warren Buffet's underpaid secretary's vacation [if the evil Buffet even allows her to go on vacation].

You can call it "the first family's sequester sacrifice".   Maybe if you and Michelle only spend $50 million on your vacation, then you can let kids back in the White House to tour again.


bradley said...

Pass me the vomit bag as we drown ourselves in this president's abusive excesses

Greg said...

I wondered what the sequester looked like from Kenya!

Big Mike said...

I think you have a long wait brother for it to get to you.

Big Mike said...

As Rush would say- hut sweet hut. :-)

Anonymous said...

How many in the President's administration are retiring "to spend more time with their family"? (Hint, Hint)

Big Mike said...

And do I hope someone takes you up on that hint DB!