Monday, June 17, 2013

Tales Top Three Performances Of The National Anthem

Recently when watching a Chicago Blackhawks NHL playoff game I was introduced to an amazing singer, Jim Corneilson.  Mr. Corneilson is a professional tenor and has been hired by the Chicago Blackhawks as their man to sing the National Anthem before their hockey games.  On You-Tube I found an even greater performance by Corneilson at a Chicago Bears NFL game on the 10 year anniversary of the 9-11 attack on America.  It was such a stirring performance of the National Anthem that I thought I was going to have a tough decision whether this performance topped Whitney Houston's patriotic stirring performance of the National Anthem 10 days after American troops went to war in the Persian Gulf.  Then I watched the late Whitney Houston's performance again and it really wasn't a tough decision at all.

Tales loves all three of the following performances-each one can may put a tear in your eye for the true, sincere patriotic feeling emoted from these great American voices.  While Tales has chosen to give them a number, they are all winners!

Without further ado, Tales selects the top three performances of the National Anthem ever:

#3 Marvin Gaye performs before the 1983 NBA All Star game:

Marvin Gaye

#2 Jim Corneilson performs before a Chicago Bears NFL game on 9-11-11:

Jim Corneilson

#1 Whitney Houston performs before SuperBowl 25 on January 27, 1991:

Whitney Houston


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, I needed that! Got the Kleenex out! My heart just so needs to keep the Faith that we don't let America go.

Krissy In ATX

Big Mike said...

Thanks great American Krissy!!!