Thursday, June 27, 2013

Press 1 For English

In the immigration reform bill before the Senate, there is allegedly all of these requirements and hoops that those who are here illegally will have to go through before they can get their "green cards." [permanent resident status allowing them to apply for citizenship]   Of course, they will immediately gain legal status.  When that is done does anyone really believe that those immigrants will ever lose that legal status, even if they don't meet the requirements?  So, you mean to tell me the immigrants who have not met the requirements will be rounded up and deported?  I don't think so. In my opinion, many, if not most of those illegal immigrants who are here now, don't care if they become U.S. citizens as long as they have a legal status and know they will not be deported.  So, all of these requirements that the immigrants must meet [that are touted by proponents of the bill] are meaningless.  Plus, even if they weren't meaningless does anyone think they will really be enforced?  Pay back taxes?  For undocumented workers who have no paperwork of where they have worked or of how much they made, how will that happen?

The most absurd item on the list of requirements for the illegal immigrants to obtain a green card is that they will have to learn English.  And who is going to determine if the person has learned English or not?  Will they take a test?   Will they be asked, do you know English?" - "Si" - "Here's your green card." - "Que?"

I wish it was true, not just for illegal immigrants but for all immigrants, that they learn how to speak English fluently.  But does anyone think in a country where, when making telephone calls to many business and government agencies, you are told to press 1 for English and 2 For Spanish, that these immigrants will really have to learn English before they can get a green card.  Maybe it's because I live in Houston, but if you go to any governmental agency, like DMV, you will see instructions in English and Spanish.  If you go to court for jury duty, yes they will say you must speak English to be on the jury...oh, they will tell you that in English and Spanish, and the instructions they give out to all jurors will be in English and in Spanish. 

I have to give Senator Marco Rubio credit, he did let it be known to all the illegal immigrants that they must learn English before they obtain a green card.  Oh, he let it be known on Telemundo.   Am I the only one who thinks it is ironic that Senator Rubio, when talking about how the illegal immigrants must learn English, said it on a Spanish speaking channel.

Tales would like to show you Senator Rubio's great comments on Telemundo.  While some of you might not know Spanish, Tales has hired the top Spanish translator that money can buy.  Oh, I mean the top Spanish translator that Tales can buy.  In other words, the translator is working pro bono.  In other words, Tales hasn't exactly verified his credentials, superb though, I am sure they are. 

After you watch this video, the Tales Spanish translator will give you an exact word for word translation of what was said.

Translation of the previous video:

Telemundo interviewer: "Senator Marco Rubio, welcome to Telemundo. We want to know if it is true what you have been going around saying that the immigrants who want to obtain a green card, must first learn English for that to become a reality.  We have heard this stated all around the country and want to hear it from the horses mouth.   This is an important issue to us and we would like for you to be clear.  And please, Senator Rubio, take all the time you need to answer this important question.  Will these immigrants need to learn English?"

Senator Marco Rubio:  "Yes, they will."
Hmm, why do I feel the Tales will need to hire a better translator next time?

Update:  I forgot to point out when saying that I think that many of the illegal immigrants just want to be legalized and don't really care about a green card [i.e., on a path to citizenship], that there are Americans who do want to make sure that these immigrants get green cards and become citizens.  The Democrats.  They are the ones most concerned that these illegal immigrants become citizens for their votes [and nothing else].


bradley said...

Permanent legal status, no work paper trail, don't pay taxes, yet somehow still be able to vote democratic----the perfect obama liberal scenario--if you dont think this is true than you're "estas mal de la cabeza" (sick in the head!

Big Mike said...

Funny brother but so,so true. This whole thing is a joke that is not really funny. The requirements will never happen, the border security will never happen, but the Democrat votes will happen.

Anonymous said...

Pobre (poor) Marco Rubio. He lost this Senora from ATX! I'll take the Senator from Texas "Ted Cruz" Mucho Gracias LOL

Krissy in ATX!

Big Mike said...

I'm with you Krissy. I used to love Marco Rubio and he was my favorite senator. Now it's my senator Ted Cruz nĂºmero uno!! :-))