Wednesday, June 5, 2013

New Obama Administration Scandal Exposed by Barry Rubin: Isalmistgate

Professor Barry Rubin of GLORIA [Global Research in International Affairs] has exposed what he calls the fourth administration scandal: Islamistgate.   He says this is the fourth to go along with the scandals involving the IRS, Benghazi, and the AP/James Rosen snooping by the FBI.  I would have to say this scandal that Professor Rubin is exposing will be the fifth scandal of the Obama administration, adding "Fast and Furious" in which an American border patrol agent, Brian Terry, lost his life.

Professor Barry Rubin

Here is the opening of Professor Rubin's website The Rubin Report:
"For the last four years the Obama Administration has conducted a major “outreach” program to Islamic groups in the United States and in the Middle East. Patrick Poole has been investigating this project and in a comprehensive article now presents the full scoop and scope of what’s been going on. His article, "Blind to Terror: The U.S. Government’s Disastrous Muslim Outreach Efforts and the Impact on U.S. Policy" in the new, Summer, issue of MERIA Journal is a gamechanger

You may think that you know about this subject but it goes far beyond what you have heard about. The majority of groups and individuals promoted by the Obama Administration have been radical Islamists, particularly Muslim Brotherhood cadre, and more than occasionally people involved in terrorist activity.

Moderate Muslims have been neglected and isolated by this project which has helped the radicals, Islamists, and pro-terrorists gain hegemony in the Muslim community in America.

Again, you may think that you know this story but it is far more extensive than has ever before been revealed. Often, the White House and FBI have granted access and worked with those who were simultaneously being investigated on serious charges of terrorism.

 The whole “outreach” program has been a farce and it would be charitable to describe it as incompetent on the part of the Obama Administration."

Please read Professor Rubin's full article here.This article is also in PJ Media.

And please read Patrick Poole of the MERIA Journal full article entitled "Blind To Terror..." that Professor Rubin notes in his article which exposes this new scandal [actually going on thru the last three administrations] of the Obama administration here.
Patrick Poole


bradley said...

This president's refusal to recognize extremist islamic terror and go head over heels to not antagonize those who want to destroy american life is deplorable at least, and treasonous at most!

Anonymous said...

Patrick Poole was on Glenn Beck last night. Amazing how everything Glenn has researched and put out there, the left and even the Rino's have put him as a wacko. Thing is, Glenn told his audience to research on our own. And all the dots are connecting. It's outrageous how fast our nation is crumbling from within. Maybe some strong individuals will stand up? We can only pray. Information is key.
Good article Michael. Thanks for sharing.
Krissy in ATX

Big Mike said...

I sure cant disagree with those remarks. Thanks brother!

Big Mike said...

Thanks Krissy!! Blessings to you and your family.