Friday, June 14, 2013

Miracles Happen

All day [Thursday] I was at the hospital to be with my brother as he was going to have, what looked like a typical procedure, turn to major open heart surgery.  I do not want to get into the details, but things did not go well as complications occurred during the surgery and it looked certain our family would face a devastating loss of a great man.   Thank God my brother had one of the top heart surgeons in the nation who would not give up and with his almost 10 hours of surgery with God surely watching over his shoulder, we have been amazingly blessed as my brother has made it out of surgery into the IC/recovery room with a good outlook for recovery.  When my brother's doctor [after a series of disheartening updates] came out with a smile on his face telling of an an unbelievable 180 degree turn for the better, the whole room broke into tears of happiness and hugs knowing our prayers for a miracle from God were heard by the Almighty.  May I ask that you help our family with prayers for my brother, Sandy, and for his full recovery.  My family continues its prayers for my brother and thankfulness to God for his wonderment.

Never ever lose hope.  Miracles do happen.

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