Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Duane Patterson's Theory How CBO Score Strengthens Building Of Fence Argument

The "gang of eight" in the senate on their immigration bill has praised the CBO score of of their bill.  From  "The CBO, in conjunction with the Joint Committee on Taxation, found that the Senate bill would slash the federal deficit by $197 billion over the next decade, according to a formal cost estimate."

Senator Marco Rubio once said that before any legalization be given to the millions of illegal immigrants who are here now, that border security, which would include a fence, must be established first.  But when Senator Rubio joined the senate's "gang of eight" he has changed his tune saying that he now believes legalization must come first and then we will worry about the fence later.  The problem with that is if legalization comes first, then the fence will never come and full amnesty and citizenship will not be stopped.  Senator Rubio has used as one of his arguments for [de facto] amnesty first is that we have to have all of these years of the illegal immigrants paying fines and back taxes to help pay for the building of the fence. With that economic argument that Rubio uses, Duane Patterson producer of the Hugh Hewitt radio show put out a theory in the chat room of the Hughniverse why this newly released CBO scoring actually undercuts Rubio's argument.  In the following chat- Duane Patterson is known as "generalissimo".

Duane Patterson aka "generalissimo"

Guy P Benson aka "Skippy" who is sub-hosting for Hugh Hewitt on his radio show this week

Tuesday chat room dialogue in the Hughniverse during the Hugh Hewitt show as Guy P Benson was sub-hosting for Hugh: [generalissimo is Duane Patterson-the others in the chat room cannot be revealed to protect the innocent of those unfortunate that may have the same name]

5:08 generalissimo: it cuts the legs out of Senator Marco Rubio's logic that we have to have amnesty first.

5:09 talkradio16_87trillion: It does?

5:09 generalissimo: he says we have to collect the fines and taxes ahead in order to pay for whatever fence we'd eventually do, right?

5:09 ConservativeLA: aha
5:09 talkradio16_87trillion: Right

5:09 generalissimo: well, we've got the money coming.
5:09 generalissimo: $1 trillion in, $35 billion now on the fence. win-win, right?

5:09 a400lbGo: Hire illegals to build it for half the price

5:09 generalissimo
: hard for Rubio to make the case against the fence now on economic terms, right?
5:10 generalissimo: but I'm saying we can easily use the spin of it to our advantage as the left can.
I like Duane Patterson's thinking.  If the CBO score is right, we can build the fence now and finish the fence with the money that will be coming in the first years.  When the fence is built and border security is established, than we can grant amnesty for those already here. In other words, I am all for Senator Marco Rubio's original argument for immigration reform.

Without border security [including a strong double layered fence at key points on the border] first, I hope that all Republicans will vote against the bill.  

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