Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Director of National What?

The following is taken from the Office of DNI website, itself:  "The Honorable James R. Clapper was sworn in as the fourth Director of National Intelligence (DNI) on August 9, 2010.  As DNI, Mr. Clapper leads the United States Intelligence Community and serves as the principal intelligence advisor to the President."

The principal intelligence advisor to the president?  Hmm. 

We have just had this intelligence man appear before the US Senate in March of this year to answer questions about the NSA and the collection of data.  Senator Ron Wyden. D-OR, asked a clear and direct question to director Clapper.  Senator Wyden gave Director Clapper  a heads up that he would ask this question the day before.  So, this question to the head of the DNI couldn't have been a surprise to him.  Just listen to the question by Senator Wyden and the 1. either unintelligent or 2. lying answer by James Clapper:

You might say, give the guy a break, everyone is allowed to one lie, or misstatement or an "unwittingly"wrong statement before congress.

But then we have this blast from the past from the head of the DN "What?" putting the Muslim Brotherhood on almost the same level as the Boy Scouts of America:

Oh, boy, James Clapper is head of our national intelligence.  It's starting to become a little clearer on how we missed catching the Tsarnev brothers before their terrorist bombing. 


bradley said...

This administration and the people appointed to run the country by it, is embarrasing and scary---it's like we a dog and pony show but with grave consequences!

Big Mike said...

Yes, brother. Of course, to compare this new scandal a day administration with a dog and pony show may be an insult to dog and pony shows. :-)

Unknown said...

Thank you for this blog post, Michael, my friend!! It's absolutely devastating! This guy Clapper is either a complete dunce, OR he is a horrible liar! It's got to be either one or the other! "inadvertently, but not wittingly" the NSA collects data on millions of Americans? He's LYING or he's an idiot!! And regarding the Muslim Brothers: Oh my gosh!! That statement is just one huge coverup to make them sound like the Boy Scouts! He has no idea what he's talking about, OR he's simply LYING!! Thank you, again.

Big Mike said...

Thank you great patriot, Steve!!!