Tuesday, June 25, 2013

De Facto Amnesty Is Better Than De Jure Amnesty

William Kristol
William Kristol, who no one can accuse of being an extreme right wing demagogue, said on Bill Bennett's "Morning in America" radio show on Monday  that the Senate immigration bill [with the Corker-Hoeven rewrite] is just bad legislation.  A bad piece of legislation wrapped in a 1200 page monstrosity that no one has read.   Mr. Kristol asked one of the big questions, "What's the hurry?"

On Fox News Sunday, Kristol said correctly, if there is one thing that conservative Republicans should stand for, it is to not allow a vote on a 1200 piece of major legislation dumped on them over a weekend.   Amen, Bill!

Will Senator Marco Rubio [a man who I prayed for would win his election to the senate] soon be saying, "we need to pass the bill, to find out what is in it?" 

We are finding out that this bill has so many waivers and exceptions on the security part of the legislation that the "securing the border part of the bill" will never happen.  Senator Ted Cruz, R-TX said [probably with exaggeration] that this bill contains a thousand waivers.   The legalization [amnesty] of the immigrants who are here illegally begins immediately.  So, we are basically in the exact situation Ronald Reagan was after he signed his immigration reform bill.  Amnesty happened but border security never came.  If we pass this legislation as it currently stands we will be back in this same situation in 20 years. Then instead of 11 million illegal immigrants it will be 20-30 million illegal immigrants we will have to grant amnesty to.

Also, we are finding out about all the pork in this bill doled out to certain senators for their home states, put in there to buy off those senators.  After what happened in the Obamacare legislation, how the hell can any Republican senator vote for a bill that gives out pork to buy votes?

We find out that not only does Janet Nepalitano have the ability to nix the fence and security measures all together, even if she goes along, a plan for the building of the fence won't have to be in place until the year 2017.   That's right I said 2017!

Hmm, where have we heard all this before.   A 1200 page bill that no one has read that must be passed to find out exactly the damage it does.  Buying off votes with pork in the bill.  Amnesty first and "trust us" later on border security.  A major portion of the bill won't even start until 4 years from now.  Yes, you got it-this is Obamacare II or in honor of all the Cajun readers of the Tales, Obamacare Deux.  Laura Ingraham gives it an even better term, Obamnesty.

Senator Marco Rubio
Senator Marco Rubio, says we need this bill because what we have right now, and what will be in effect if we do nothing is de facto amnesty.   I agree completely.  What we have now is de facto amnesty without any border security.  But if we go ahead and pass this sham immigration reform bill as written in the Senate, what we will have is de jure amnesty without border security. 

I would much rather have de facto amnesty with no border security than de jure amnesty with no border security.   Once it becomes established in law, there is no way, no matter how bad events may occur because of this bill, that this amnesty bill will be ended.    And you can take that to the court. 

Senator Ted Cruz
Also, Senator Ted Cruz said on Sean Hannity's TV show on Monday night that if this bill goes into effect it will grant de facto affirmative action to the illegal immigrants here now.  This bill will give preferences to those legalized by this bill over American citizens and those immigrants who came here legally waiting in line to become American citizens.

My hope is that when the bill reaches the house of representatives they will pass a stand alone "take it or leave it" border security plan only, with a provision that once the borders of this country are secure, the house will then take up the question of legalization for the illegal immigrants here.  The liberals always say pass amnesty first and then trust us on border security later, so I say conservatives should pass in the house a 'security first and then they can trust us for amnesty later' bill.  If senators Marco Rubio and Bob Corker are really interested in border security, how could they be against that?

I have always wondered why it takes an illegal immigration reform bill for congress to bring up a bill to protect our borders?   Just that fact alone tells me congress is really not serious about securing our borders.

It is too late to stop this bad piece of legislation [bad for the country and the GOP] in the senate, so all the attention must now turn to the house of representatives.  We must let the GOP controlled house know that they cannot just make adjustments to the senate bill and take it to conference, because we all know the Republicans will get rolled in conference and Obamnesty will become reality. 

Some people are finding out sadly that elections have consequences and with this president elected those consequences are bad for this country.   But we must show that the election of the GOP house also has consequences.  Those consequences must be to stop the disastrous senate immigration reform bill and to pass a border security bill.


Unknown said...

Very well-written and analyzed, my friend!! I'm sad to say that the GOP in the Senate (except for a very few--notably Cruz, Paul, and the like) see the issue & speak about it from the point of view of the American people. The rest have something else in mind. It's a pity. It will pass in the Senate. Then what the House does will be crucial, as you've noted. God bless.

Big Mike said...

Thanks so much Balladeer!!!