Thursday, May 16, 2013

Watergate-The Sequel

Watergate-The Sequel    Bigger and badder than the first.


The Sequel
A movie of political intrigue, cover-up, and incompetence to be shown in a theater not near you.

When:  Probably never.
Where: Who knows 
Length: 8 long agonizing years
Rated:  W for what were we thinking of
Review:  5 stars-1 star for each scandal

Storyline: A true story of an incompetent, egotistical teleprompter man elected as president of the United States who went about to transform America into a Chicago like land of scandal and cover-ups. With the scandals of Fast and Furious, Solyndra, Benghazi, IRS, and AP phone records, there were so many "gates" to choose from on forming a select committee that an equally incompetent congress decided on none.  I would like to tell you this story has a happy ending, but that ending is still to be written.

Cast: Barack Obama as President Richard M. Nixon
          Jay Carney as Presidential press spokesman, Ron Ziegler
          Eric Holder as Attorney General John Mitchell
          Gregory Hicks as whistleblower John Dean
          The mainstream media as the "Plumbers"
          Rahm Emanuel as G Gordon Liddy, chief operative of the "plumbers"
          Timothy Geithner as Hugh Sloan, treasurer of committee to re-elect
          the president
          David Axelrod as Chief of Staff, H.R. Haldeman
          Peter Rouse as counselor to the president, John Ehrlicman
          Rob Nabors as deputy assistant to the president, Dwight Chapin
          General Petraeus as deputy assistant to the president, Alexander Butterfield
          Leon Panetta as special counsel, Chuck Colson
          Hillary Clinton as secretary, Rosemary Woods
          John Brennan as CIA agent, E Howard Hunt
          Ben Rhodes as CIA agent, James McCord
          Stephen F Hayes as investigative reporter, Bob Woodward
          Catherine Herridge as investigative reporter, Carl Bernstein
          Fox News Channel as the Washington Post
          Max Baucus as "deep throat"
          Lindsay Graham as chairman Senator Sam Ervin
         Ted Cruz as Senator Howard Baker

It was up to the politically incorrect no-nonsense Ted Cruz to ask the key line of the movie: "what did the president know and when did he know it?"           

Watergate-The Sequel  -  The trailer 



bradley said...

Awesome, ready for the movie--great job

Big Mike said...

Thanks brother... If it doesn't come out soon we will have to add another star for another scandal.