Saturday, May 18, 2013

Two Points Everyone Has Missed About The IRS Scandal

Everyone seems to have overlooked one statement by President Obama in answering questions of the IRS targeting conservative groups.  No, it's not the one where Obama says he [I] knew nothing of the IG report...everyone picked up his parsing of words on that one.

The one I am talking about is even more an unwitting admission of his administration's guilt when he says: "I’m outraged by this in part because look, I’m a public figure, if a future administration is starting to use the tax laws to favor one party over another or one political view over another, obviously, we’re all vulnerable.”   

Wait a second.   If, as president Obama and his spokesmen have been saying all along that this was just some rogue IRS agents, that had no input from his administration, going after the tea party and other conservative groups, then why would it have to be another administration that would favor one political view over another.   If it was just some rogue agents that went after the tea party groups, then his statement should have been: 'I am outraged and everyone should be outraged because there might be different rogue agents [in this administration] that might go after you [liberal/progressive groups] because of your political views'. 

By president Obama's statement using the term another administration [i.e., GOP administration], isn't that an admission that these agents [in his administration] targeted conservative groups because it is his administration [whether he directly gave the orders or not].  So, without meaning to, Obama gave an admission  of guilt of his administration creating an atmosphere that would lead the IRS to target groups that opposed his administration. 

The second point everyone is missing contradicts the consensus that the IRS went after these groups [like the tea party organizations] because they are conservative groups.  That just happened to be an offshoot of their targeting.  I don't think the IRS just went after them because they are conservative but for a more specific reason which I will state at the end.

The IRS just didn't go after the tea party.  They also went after pro Israel groups who opposed some of president Obama's policies toward Israel.  They also went after individuals like Eric Bolling after he had been relentless in his vigorously opposing some of Obama's policies.  The IRS also went after this St. Louis reporter Larry Connors after he challenged president Obama strongly in an interview with him.  The IRS also went after Franklin Graham's charitable Samaritan's Purse organization and Billy Graham's Ministries after the Reverend Billy Graham supported Mitt Romney for president and Billy Graham Ministries supported a North Carolina amendment in upholding the definition of traditional marriage. I predict there will be more individuals who come out and say they were targeted by the IRS because they opposed president Obama.

What do all these individuals and organizations have in common?  Yes, they are all conservative, but there is a more specific thing I am looking at.   They all challenged President Obama and/or his policies.  Does anyone remember President Nixon's enemies list?  President Nixon might be envious of President Obama's IRS' actions against Obama's "enemies."

So, the two points I think everyone has missed is 1. Obama's using the words of "future administrations" and 2. The people the IRS went after weren't just conservative but directly opposed [challenged] president Obama and his policies.

I think both of these points prove without any doubt that the Obama administration, either by direction or atmospherically, is why this IRS targeting  these conservative groups and individuals occurred.  You cannot put this off on just a couple of rogue IRS agents. This is President Obama's scandal.

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