Monday, May 13, 2013

Now We Know-It Never Made A Difference To Hillary

Hat tip:  Megyn Kelly of the Fox News Channel who correctly observed that  [the reason four Americans were killed in Benghazi] "must have never made a difference to Hillary Clinton".
Megyn Kelly, Fox News Channel

From the Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing on Jan. 23, 2013, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made her infamous screech "What difference, at this point, does it make [why four Americans were killed in Benghazi]?", when answering a question from Senator Johnson, R-WI.

Besides how revolting that comment is to the victims, the victims families, and the American people, notice how she puts in the qualifying "at this point", to imply that it did make a difference at the beginning but it is now so long ago [in the words of presidential spokesman Jay, the useful idiot, Carney] that it no longer makes a difference.

But now we have evidence from Darrell Issa's House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform on Wednesday May 8, 2013 from Benghazi whistle-blowers Gregory Hicks, Mark Thompson and Eric Nordstrom that it really never must have made a difference to Secretary Clinton.

Gregory Hicks, who became the top diplomat in Libya with the death of Ambassador Chris Stevens, said under oath that there was never a protest in Libya and the so-called hateful "U-Tube video was a non-event" event in Libya.  It was known from diplomatic e-mails going around that an Islamic terrorist group, Ansar Al-Sharia, associated with Al Qaeda, took credit for the attack in Benghazi.  There were never any demonstrations and everyone in the state department should have known that. When Mr. Hicks got a call from Ambassador Stevens, just before he would be murdered by the Islamic terrorists, he told Mr. Hicks: "Gregory, we are under attack."  Those may have been the last words Ambassador Chris Stevens ever uttered.  With all that in mind, think of the telephone call Hillary Clinton made at 2 am Benghazi time, to Ambassador Gregory Hicks.  All she asked was what Mr. Hicks plan was.  He said they were going to evacuate.  She said that was a good idea.  Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, never asked about what happened, she never asked about a demonstration that got out of hand, she never mentioned her anger at a U Tube video. The reason Hillary Clinton never asked, surmised Gregory Hicks, because she knew it was a terrorist attack at that moment.   Mr. Hicks said all of the correspondence that was being sent back and forth already labeled this a terrorist attack with an Al Qaida group taking credit for the attack, so there was no reason for Hillary Clinton to ask what happened.  Hillary had to know there were no demonstrations, there was no outrage because of a U Tube video, and that this was a planned terrorist attack by Al Qaeda terrorists.  The "incurious" Hillary Clinton never made another call that night to Gregory Hicks.

Even if you stretch the bounds of reality and Hillary Clinton was the only one out of the loop who didn't really know that what occurred in Libya was a terrorist attack, she surely couldn't have thought this was because of U-Tube video, because no one in Libya mentioned any video and no one in Libya had demonstrated because of a video.

If that doesn't upset you enough it gets even more sickening. When the bodies of the four dead Americans who were attacked in Benghazi were brought back to Andrews Air Force Base a few days later, Hillary Clinton told the parents of the families that the maker of the U Tube anti Mohammad video was responsible for a crowd getting out of hand and killing their sons.  How could the Secretary of State tell that to grieving parents?    Think about that, she was talking to the parents of the patriots who got killed by terrorists and lied in their faces.  Mark Steyn was on the Hugh Hewitt radio show on last Thursday night with substitute host Guy P Benson and put it this way:  "Hillary Clinton literally lied over the coffin of her supposed "good friend" Chris Stevens."

From Hot Air:  "Tyrone Woods’s father went a step further and alleged that she [Hillary Clinton at the Andrew Air Force Base ceremony] vowed to have the filmmaker arrested and prosecuted."  That filmmaker was arrested and is still in jail today. 

So, to Hillary Clinton, we know by her words at the Senate committee hearings that it didn't make a difference to her if the Americans were killed by some "Libyans just out for a walk who decided to kill some Americans" or, I guess, some Martians from outer space.  Now we know from sworn testimony it didn't make a difference to Hillary Clinton from the get go what led to the death of the Americans.  She talked on the phone to the man on the ground who would know and she never asked

Unlike the American people, unlike the families and friends of the Benghazi four patriots killed by terrorists, to Hillary Clinton it never made a difference.   What obviously did make a difference to Secretary Clinton was how this attack would affect her political fortunes.  That is sad indeed for the families of these victims and for the entire nation.

Hillary Clinton-The lady that lied to the families of the Benghazi 4 with the coffins of their loved ones in front of them.

By the way, I'm waiting for those headlines from the New York Times like they had for President George W. Bush:

Hillary Knew!


Anonymous said...

Time will only tell, but if this Benghazi cover-up is somehow swept aside; I can't even imagine the United States even being recognizable. As a Constitutional and Bill of Rights ...Republic. Along with the IRS intimidating certain groups. It spells Tyranny.

Krissy in ATX

bradley said...

These 2 issues (Benghazi and IRS targeting groups based on political leanings) are SO much worse than Watergate--there were NO personal victims in Watergate---there are 4 DEAD patriots, and Americans spent much money on lawyers and accountants when audited--- and until the msm cares or some Dem senators and congressman stand up for truth,it just won't matter to the average american (and this lying president loves it that way!)

Big Mike said...

Exactly right Krissy and Bradley.