Thursday, May 23, 2013

Bravo, Congressman Gowdy!

I have to admit it.   As these administration scandals of Benghazi and the IRS [as of now] are going before the congress, I am one conservative Republican who thought the GOP members would do there usual bad questioning [or making bad rhetoric] at the hearings and blow the moment.  That has how it has played like in the past so many times.  The GOP party has usually ended up looking like the stupid party, with congressman and senators making rambling, boring statements and putting the country to sleep instead of awakening the country to what is going on by using quick incisive questioning and relevant rants.

Chairman Darrell, Issa, R-CA

Chairman Dave Camp, R-MI
I can say that no more.  In chairman Darrell Issa's House Oversight committee and chairman Dave Camp's House Ways and Means committee there was some outstanding questioning by almost all of the GOP congressmen on the committee. 

An example of a few of the members who did some good questioning on the GOP side from the two committees investigating the IRS scandal were Rep Jim Jordan-OH, Rep Jason Chaffetz-UT, Rep Trey Gowdy-SC, Rep Paul Ryan-WI, and Rep Kevin Brady-TX.

Congressman Trey Gowdy, R-SC

This questioning of former IRS Chairman Shulman and statements from congressman Trey Gowdy who represents the 4th district of South Carolina will make you stand up and cheer.   It might even give you goose bumps, for someone who is actually representing us, the people, in a professional no-holds-barred way.

Bravo, Congressman Gowdy!             God Bless you!


bradley said...

powerful, riveting, Shulman should be embarrased over his idiocy , ignorance and refusal to answer questions

Big Mike said...

Yep Brad....refusing to answer questions by Shulman, Lerner,, means one thing to me. They obviously have something to hide.