Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Bob Schieffer Showed How A Real Journalist Acts On Face The Nation

On this last Sunday's news shows, I saw the usual suspects of  liberal Obama sycophant journalist pretenders-David Gregory on NBC, George Stephanopolous on ABC and Candy Crowley on CNN, doing their usual bad jobs as journalists and great job as Obama spokesmen.   I don't include Chris Wallace on the Fox News Channel as he usually does a pretty good job of being a fair journalist.  He did another good job on last Sunday.

There was one show with a host who greatly surprised me.   Face the Nation with Bob Schieffer.   Bob Schieffer just didn't do a good job as a journalist, he did a fantastic job.  That was maybe the best job done by a journalist on the mainstream media as I have seen since the late great Tim Russert of Meet the Press. White House adviser Dan Pfeiffer was being questioned by Bob Schieffer and what a great job of fair, inquiring questioning Schieffer did.  He actually was trying to find answers to questions on the scandals enveloping the White House. 

The other liberal Sunday pundits should take note.  This is how journalism is supposed to be. As I have had many posts criticizing the Sunday pundits, when I see a job as good as the one I saw from Bob Schieffer, I must also be fair to point that out.  

Bravo, Mr. Schieffer for a professional job well done!

In one memorable line, Shieffer asked Pfeiffer: "I mean this as no disrespect to you, but why are you here today and not the chief of staff?"

Check out this great line of questioning by journalist Bob Schieffer:

Bob Shieffer ends the show with this great commentary of dumb and dumber in Washington D.C.:


eurobird said...

Thanks for this remarkable piece of history, infamous as it is for the Obama presidency. Bob Schiffer did an honest job, sort of saving the MSN for this time, anyway.

Big Mike said...

Thanks Eurobird!!!

bradley said...

Hands down , the most relevant impressive interview by MSM on the tribulations of this presidency ever! Thanks for sharing!

Big Mike said...

You're welcome brother!