Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Using The Politically Incorrect M Word

Some might criticize those of us who call the bombers of the Boston Marathon, radical Muslim terrorists, but  they were terrorists and they were radical Muslim extremists.  I know many people on the left will say that their religion should not be mentioned because that had nothing to do with their act of terror.  They will say they were terrorists who just happened to be Muslim. [i.e., the religion being just a coincidence]

But let's face reality here.   If these same two brothers from the Russia/Chechnya region of the world were Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, etc. they would not have committed this act of terror in our country-sorry, but that statement is based on common sense reasoning.   Except for Timothy McVeigh in Oklahoma City, bombings to create terror in the world [for more than a decade] have been done almost exclusively by jihadist Muslims.  That is a fact.  That does not make all Muslims terrorists or even a large minority of Muslims terrorists.   While you can say the overwhelming majority of Muslims are peaceful people and would never commit these horrible acts of violence, at the same time it is a hard fact that more than 90% of terrorist bombings the last couple of decades have been done by Muslim extremists.  You did have terrorists bombings in the 70's through 90's committed by the North Ireland's Irish Republican Army, but that was limited to that region and did not take place world wide.   In today's world, the reality is that it is Islamic jihadists who are committing such terror around the world. 

One of the few pundits who named the religion of these two brothers was Bill O'Reilly, so I must give him Kudos.  I have not seen many other pundits call these terrorists the Islamic jihadists like they are. 

When you have terrorist bombings all over the world being committed by Muslim jihadists, the fact that the two brother terrorists in Boston were Muslims is not an unimportant fact.  It is important to the understanding of what their evil motive was.   It's also important to know to then check how they got radicalized.  Was there a radical Mosque or Imam who indoctrinated them?

While Muslims worship the religion of Islam, and Islam is a religion, radical Islam is more than a religion.  It is an extreme ideology that supports a violent jihad throughout the world.  That must be recognized.  And those Islamic jihadists that commit those acts of violence must be called out for what they are.

Some might ask why Timothy McVeigh, who committed a terrorist attack in Oklahoma City, wasn't called a Christian terrorist [if in fact he was a Christian].  The reason you wouldn't mention his religion is because you didn't have hundreds and thousands of Christians who committed terrorist attacks and did so in the name of their religion.  If you had Christians committing terror around the world and in so doing yell "we are doing this in the name of Jesus" then you could call those terrorists Christian terrorists.  And then if McVeigh did the same he would have been called a Christian terrorist.   The same would go for Jews and Buddhists and peoples of any other religion that would commit such terror in the name of their religion. 

Muslim jihadists acknowledge that their acts of violence [they call Holy war] against the infidels are done in support of their religion.  Sometimes they even cry that out as they are committing their terrorism, e.g., Nadal Hasan who massacred 13 great Americans at Ft. Hood yelled "Allahu Akbar" as he committed his murderous rampage.  Sickeningly, to this day Nadal Hasan has not been tried for his terrorist attack.   Even worse is, that to this day, his murderous rampage is not called an act of terror by this administration but as an act of workplace violence.  Out of all the scandals of the Obama administration, this may be the biggest scandal of all.

On a side note: President Obama has been recently [and ever since SEAL 6 team killed Bin Ladin] bragging how he is bringing the killers to justice.  Well the families of the Ft. Hood massacre and the family of Brian Terry [the border patrol agent killed in "Fast and Furious gate"], and the families of the four Americans killed in the terrorist attack in Benghazi haven't seen any justice brought for their loved ones.  That is indeed sad.

Federal former prosecutor, Andrew McCarthy, said on Bill Bennett's "Morning in America" radio show on Monday that there is a reluctance by this administration and many liberals from "drawing a straight line nexus from this radical ideology to the dangers that it poses for our country."   Using the words of Andrew McCarthy's great book, there is a "willful blindness" among the left in this country toward radical Islam.  He said that political correctness may be why the FBI missed recognizing the danger the older brother posed when they were given a warning by the Russians of his possible connection to radical Islamists.  The FBI might have been looking for radical actions by Tamerlan Tsarnaev and not the fact that he was connected to the radical ideology itself.  That is why it is so important to recognize the threat of the ideology and not wait until a violent act is committed.

Andrew McCarthy- former federal prosecutor

Yes, we can be politically correct so as not offend people of a religion by not mentioning the religion of the terrorists, but that political correctness is what will be impeding our understanding of how to stop those attacks in the future.

Let us not be so "willfully blind" and afraid to use the politically incorrect M word.


Unknown said...

Thank you, Michael; an excellent blog! The only part that I would disagree w/ concerns the wording of "radical Islam." I have come to take the position that the word "radical" ought to be removed from the phrase. Why? In the context of Islam, the men & women who carry out these attacks are not radicals at all, they are simply Muslims doing the duty of Muslims & following the precepts of Sharia. When we in America or in the west generally try to separate "good Muslims" from "radical Muslims" by using such terms, we only make the war more difficult by confusing ourselves as to the nature of the task and our enemy. Islam, like Communism & Nazism, is an ideology. It is not merely a religion like Judaism and Christianity. It is an all-encompasing force that enslaves people. There are "good Muslims," of course, just as Otto Schindler was a good Nazi, but he had to fight Nazism in order to act against it. Good Muslims in the context of Islam are apostates, if we speak frankly, while radical Muslims or jihadis are simply Muslims carrying out the duties imposed upon them as Muslims.

Big Mike said...

Great great comments--actually before I edited the post I left out the word radical thinking like you. Out if probably PC considerations on my part I admit I put in the word radical. You are probably right. Thanks Hawkeye. Blessings good man.