Friday, April 5, 2013

Tales Recommends Prager University

As, by the title of this blog indicates, "Tales" [moi] is a big fan of Hugh Hewitt who has the best intelligent political talk radio show in America.  Tales is also a big fan of the brilliant Dennis Prager and his talk show.  Both of these men are great intellectual conservatives in the mode of the late, great William F Buckley Jr.

It's not all politics with these two men.  For example both men are unafraid to sometimes talk [not politically correct] about religion and morality.  That is exemplified in their now annual "Ask a Jew" show they hold.  In that forum, Hugh is the ask-er and Dennis is the Jew.  :-)   Dennis on his show also talks about many different issues, like men-women conflicts, and various other life issues.  Hugh likes to talk a lot about his sports teams in Ohio, his Cleveland Indians, Cavaliers, Browns, and Ohio State Buckeyes. [remember I said Hugh was intelligent talk, I didn't necessarily say it was winning talk].

Hugh Hewitt has a good web site here.    Dennis Prager's web site is here.

Dennis Prager also has a site which gives valuable, instructive, common sense 5 minute lessons on varied life, religious, philosophical and political issues [domestic and foreign] called Prager University.  The lessons are given by Dennis and other great conservative thinkers.  The Prager University site states they are "undoing the damage of the university....5 minutes at a time".   You can find some wonderful easy to understand information on almost any issue.   In this university you actually get common sense answers to the important questions of the day without a leftist ideological indoctrination you would find at most American universities.

So, Tales gives a hearty recommendation to check out Prager University, for young and old alike.

Here is one example of  a lesson from Prager University as Dennis Prager gives his opinion on which is the most important verse in the bible.  I especially like this one, because that's what I was thinking before I viewed the video.  I would say great minds think alike, but there would actually be only one great mind in that statement and it sure wouldn't be the "Tales."

Prager University: The Most Important Verse In The Bible:


bradley said...

Prager's take on helping the weak, being a godly thing not a nature thing, ( and TOTALLY consistent with the theory of evolution, which is scientific FACT), is fascinating and a way of looking at things i've never thought of before , as ive usulayy approached things as EITHER nature OR god !
Thanks for sharing Big Mike.

Big Mike said...

Thanks Brad...That's why I love Dennis Prager...he says things in an easy to understand way that makes you think. He's like Mozart in that aspect who can write what looks at first glance as simple not complicated music, but it is so beautiful and enjoyable that few others can achieve.