Thursday, April 4, 2013

Tales Quip of The Week

The famous, or infamous depending on your point of view, Tales quip of the week comes from a regular caller on the Bill Bennett's "Morning in America" radio show-Dr. Marty as many of you will know.  On twitter he is @DrMartyFox

When Dr. Marty calls in he gives so many fast fire quips worthy of rim shots that I can't keep up with them all.  Today [Thursday morning] he did the same.  At least Tales, who some may call an old man, did remember one of those quips.

This would be the famous Tales tweet of the week, but there was one problem.  This was a call and not a tweet.  And following the strict Tales rules for being the tweet of the week, this was disqualified.  But fortunately, Tales has a plan B and that plan is to establish a quip of the week [at least for this week].

Without further ado, here is the Tales quip of the week from @DrMartyFox:

"We [America] don't have to worry about any nuke strikes from North Korea.  All we have to do is put up a sign that says 'This is a nuclear free zone'."

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