Friday, April 19, 2013

Rush Is Right Why President Obama Was So Angry About His Gun Bill Loss

If any of you saw President Obama make his statement following the loss of gun legislation in the US Senate, you noticed how angry he was.   I didn't see that much anger from President Obama when he was talking about four Americans being killed in Benghazi in the 9-11 terrorist attack on the American Embassy.

Like Rush, I believed President Obama never really wanted a final gun bill to pass.  He always did want it to fail in order to blame Republicans for its failure [to use in the 2014 elections].  But the president did want it to pass in the senate for two reasons.  1. that would give him a political victory and thereby increase his popularity and poll numbers.  2. [and this is where Rush Limbaugh's theory comes in] he wanted it to pass in the Senate so that it would have to go to the House of Representatives where the legislation would surely fail.

That's where president Obama wanted the legislation to fail.   If it did pass in the Senate only to fail in the House, then the president could and would blame the GOP House and he would demagogue that issue to try and win back the House for the Democrats in 2014.   The Democrats already own the Senate and president Obama desperately wants for the Democrats to win the House so they would then have total control and president Obama could pass any legislation he wanted.

So, Rush's point was president Obama was very angry not because his gun control legislation was defeated, but the fact that it wasn't defeated in the House.

You could tell in the speech president Obama was really mad at his [four] fellow Democrats in the Senate who voted against the bill because they laid waste to his plan of being able to blame House Republicans for the defeat.    I think on this point at least, Rush Limbaugh was very perceptive.

Rush  iright!

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Anonymous said...

There was no anger that our government was shipping arms to the Sinaloa Cartel; that our Ambassador and aide were killed and two heroes who needed help were killed; and there was no anger over the shootings at Ft Hood by an Islamic Terrorist. The Boston Marathon "was a tragedy, tsk, tsk, tsk - but I will get 'em". We know who the bad guys are - but he has chosen not go to after them. The situation in Boston is different - we knew from victims who the bombers were and there was no way to stop the lust for vengeance. Too bad he doesn't have that lust for al qaeda in Libya.