Friday, October 18, 2013

Now, For Something Completely Different

Because of what seemed like a stressful week politically, Tales would like to go into the weekend with this repeat light hearted post

One thing the fetching Mrs. B and I like to do is listen to those old time radio programs, like The Shadow, The Whistler, The Jack Benny Show, etc.  We purchase the very reasonably priced Cd's that replay the shows as originally aired, commercials and all.   Here is a TV version of the Jack Benny Show with guest Groucho Marx doing a skit of his famous "You bet your life" TV show with Jack Benny [in disguise] and his wife Mary being the dummies...err contestants.   For those of you younger Tales readers who never saw the Jack Benny Show you have to understand two traits of Jack Benny.  He always told audiences he was 39 years old, year after year and he liked money.  As far as the last trait goes there was his famous skit where a robber comes up to Jack Benny with a gun and tells Benny-"Your money or your life"...when the robber doesn't receive an answer from Jack Benny he says again louder-"I said, your money or your life"...and Jack Benny answers as only he can with his "aw shucks" pose-"I'm thinking, I'm thinking."

They don't make great comedians like this anymore.  I don't know if there is a Hall of Fame for comedians, but if there is, Jack Benny and Groucho Marx would have been unanimously selected on the first ballot. 

So, now for something completely different-enjoy!


Anonymous said...

HA! Thanks, Big Mike. You made me laugh out loud today.


Big Mike said...

then it was worth posting big Dave!!

bradley said...

those 2 PLUS joey bishop, buddy hackett, bob newhart ALL belong in the Big Mike comedy "hall of funny"!

Big Mike said...

I'm with you brother. :-))