Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Jake Tapper Speaking The Truth On CNN

God bless Jake Tapper for once again being one of the few journalists on a mainstream media channel to speak the truth.  He has done it again just a few days ago on his show The Lead.   This time Jake has to correct the president of the United States Barack Obama and Mayor Bloomberg of NYC.  When you realize this is coming from the studios of CNN you may want to sit down as you view this video.

Jake Tapper commentary on "The Lead" on CNN:

In the report it said the president's spokesman said the president misspoke.  No, if you listen to the president's full statement it is impossible that it was just a misspeak. The president first said that it was a shame that semi automatic weapons are causing damage...he then intentionally added, regarding the case of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting, "by a fully automatic weapon in that case."    Why would he have had to add that addendum on to his statement if it was just a misspeak. He already talked about semi-automatic weapons.  That proves it was intentional what he said and what he said was a total lie.   The only way it could not be characterized as a lie would be if the president actually did not realize that it was a semi-automatic and not a fully automatic weapon that was used.  If that is the case the president, after all of this time and discussion about Sandy Hook, would have to be dumb as dirt.  So, (paraphrasing Obama consultant Stephanie Cutter about Mitt Romney)  the president either lied or he is as dumb as dirt.  I do not believe the president is as dumb as dirt, so I say he intentionally lied to continue his ongoing demagoguery about any and all issues before him.

As far as Mayor Bloomberg goes, I actually do believe that he does not know the difference between an automatic and a semi-automatic weapon.  So, in his case we can say he is as dumb as dirt.
For those of you who say the president's lie was just made at a private fund raiser, don't you remember how all of the mainstream media jumped on Mitt Romney from the time he made his 47% remark at a private fund raiser until the end of the election.  In fact, I still to this day hear about Romney's 47% statement even though it was made at a private fund raiser.  So, that is no excuse for the leftists in the media [sorry for the redundancy]  not to cover this story.  Except for one time by Jake Tapper, the liberal media is completely silent about president Obama's demagogic lie.  What else is new from this corrupt third world like media?


Anonymous said...

I agree. Am so sick of hearing about Bush this, Bush that, or Romney 47%. People's eyes are literally blinded. Hard to believe CNN would allow any truth on their network.

Krissy in ATX

Big Mike said...

Thanks Krissy!!