Monday, April 15, 2013

Hugh Hewitt To The GOP House: "Pass A Bill Repealing the Medical Device Tax Now!"

Anyone who thinks that Hugh Hewitt is just a lapdog sycophant for the GOP will think again after listening to this audio from last Friday's Hugh Hewitt radio show.  Hugh has rightly been talking the last week about the importance for the GOP House to pass a stand alone bill eliminating the medical device tax [that has come out of the Obamacare Bill].  The GOP House had passed such a bill in the last congress but with the new congress needs to do so again to be sent over to the senate.  This Obamacare tax is costing jobs and raising the cost for consumers every week that it is not eliminated.

What really set Hugh off was an article by David Drucker of Roll Call that the chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, Dave Camp R-MI, is the one who is obstructing the bringing up a stand alone bill because Camp wants to work with Democrat Max Baucus of Montana of the Senate to get a comprehensive tax bill.  Hugh Hewitt also understands the need for a major tax reform bill, but thinks it is a pipe dream until the GOP can win back the Senate and probably the White House. 

A non binding test vote on the repeal of the medical tax device got a 79-20 vote of approval in the Senate.  While this was a non binding vote, Hugh Hewitt says the GOP needs to hurry up and pass a stand alone bill and call the senate's bluff.  The Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell has told the House if they will send over a stand alone bill to kill the medical device tax he thinks he can get it through the Senate.  If they then don't pass it then that will be on the Democrats.  Hugh Hewitt said that will make the Democrats look stupid and irresponsible.

A couple of  GOP congressmen Hugh Hewitt had on his radio show made the excuse that they are worried that if they send a bill over to the Senate, the Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid will mess with the bill and amend it in a bad way.   That led Hugh to say, if the senate amended it to make it unacceptable, then when it comes back just don't pass it.  But at least the GOP must try to eliminate it.  It also led one caller to Hugh's show remark: "when did Harry Reid become the leader of the GOP in the House?"

God Bless you Hugh Hewitt and keep up the great work!

Please read the article and listen to the entire audio at Hugh's web site here.


servative said...

Thanks Big Mike. They can't beat Obama in the fine print! They need to start putting him on the defensive. Why won't they? Afraid of being called insensitive right-wing radicals? Afraid of Harry Reid?

Hugh RT'd my tweet to him: It seems to me that Mr. Drucker was saying that the GOP is fearful; they don't know how to lead.

Looks that way to me too. Hopefully Hugh's rant will help light a fire under 'em.

Big Mike said...

Thanks servative, I do too!

Anonymous said...

Wow. Is anyone listening in DC??????

Krissy in ATX

Big Mike said...

Hugh is doing his best Krissy. He wants closer caribe Republicans to win, that is why he is doing his best to wake them up.