Friday, April 26, 2013

Greg Gutfeld On The "Muslim Supremacists"

Greg Gutfeld-host of Red Eye

Greg Gutfeld, the star of The Five and Red Eye shows on the Fox News Channel, made a great point on Tuesday on The Five when talking about Muslim terrorists. [not just the two Boston Marathon bombers, but Muslim terrorists in general]  He found a way how the left  could get behind the idea of calling the Islamic Jihadists evil like conservatives do without calling them terrorists, which for some reason the left seems to shy away from.   Greg Gutfeld says we should call them bigoted Muslim supremacists, which they truly are.

The Islamist ideology with its Sharia law is full of bigotry toward women and gays.  Sharia  law instructs Muslims to treat woman as second class citizens and treat gays as not people at all.  The people that follow and adhere to the radical Islamist ideology are truly bigots in the worst way.

Maybe even worse than being bigoted toward women and gays is how the Islamists treat the infidels. [those who do not accept Allah as their God-i.e., Christians, Jews and all other non Muslims]  They are taught that they honor their Allah by committing Jihad [Holy War] against the infidels.  That includes killing the infidels.  Suicide bombers are not frowned upon among Islamic Jihadists, they are honored.  Their ideology teaches that these suicide killers are rewarded for their "sacrifice" for Allah.  So, you have an extremist Islamist ideology that teaches their religion and God is so superior to any other, that death to those who do not follow it is not only permissible but glorified.   If that isn't the definition of a supremacist philosophy nothing is.  That clearly makes those Muslims that adhere to that radical Islamist view-Muslim supremacist bigots.   The Muslim supremacist bigots are as dangerous and evil as the white supremacist bigots like the Ku Klux Klan were in our country.

So, to all on the left that gets queasy with the word terrorists for those Muslims that wish to kill us, they shouldn't have any problem with calling them Muslim supremacists.  Just as white supremacists didn't apply to all white people but only to those bigots that adhered to that philosophy, Muslim supremacists wouldn't apply to all Muslims but only to those that adhere to that bigoted Islamist ideology.  So, there is no way the left can't complain that we are labeling all Muslims with a single term, like they think we do when we say Muslim terrorists.  

While this post is aimed at the left in this country, it is even more importantly aimed at this president and this administration that has an anathema to the term Muslim terrorists or Islamic Jihadists.   Whenever a situation [violence] involving Muslims occurs, this administration's first words are a warning to the American people to not rush to judgement.   Of course, that judgement about Muslim terrorists never comes to this president.  Ask the families of those killed by Nidal Hassan at Ft. Hood-they will tell you this president never has come to judgement on calling Nadal Hassan a Muslim terrorist.  He never will. That is why every time I hear the president's perfunctory warning to us about not rushing to judgement, it disgusts me.  When president Obama says don't rush to judgement he really means never judge those radical Muslims.

The president said something even more astounding when talking about the two terrorist brothers in the Boston marathon bombing case.  He asked the question, "why, why would two seemingly average kids do such violence?"   Then yesterday in a speech the vice-president of the United States, Joe Biden, also was asking about the two terrorist bomber brothers, "why do they do what they do?"   Uh, Mr. Prez and Mr. Vice-Prez knock, knock.    Maybe because they are Muslim supremacist bigots who want to kill the American infidels.

Maybe Greg Gutfeld is right and this is one thing the left and right can agree on.   We are at war with bigoted Muslim supremacists.

What chance will president Obama agree with that?   I'm not holding my breath.

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