Thursday, April 18, 2013

Breaking News! NOT!

Tales has a blackout on posts today [Thursday] because he is so worn out from following all of the breaking news that wasn't news and all the backtracking of news that wasn't news regarding the Boston bomber.  [they got him in custody, they don't have him-he's been arrested and going to the federal courthouse--he's not been arrested--they know his identity--they only have someones image who might be a suspect or a person of interest or who knows?]

I saw more backtracking by the media today [especially CNN, the AP, and Fox News Channel] then I can remember in history.   The last time I saw that much "moon walking" was when  Michael Jackson was alive.

So, excuse Tales for this respite from any news breaking post---hey, that will be more truer information than you get from CNN.

Tales can release this breaking news of CNN's new motto: "CNN-first with the news that makes you wonder"

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