Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The War On Children

Hat TipByron York talking about this following video on the Bill Bennett's "Morning in America" radio show Monday morning.

We all remember the video of President Obama [surrounded by first responders] speaking [demagoging] days before the sequestration would go into effect of the Armageddon disaster that would take place if the sequester wasn't stopped.   The president then had his cabinet lackeys, like Homeland Security Secretary, Janet Napolitano confirming the president's over the top rhetoric.[i.e., long lines at the airport, delayed flights, etc.]

When the disaster didn't happen like the president said, this administration had to come up with a plan B. So, somebody came up with the brilliant idea of stopping the White House tours for the public.  That's it, that's the idea.  There will be groups of children who were looking forward to visiting the White House, crying out because they were unable to, and they [or the parents] will blame the Republicans and the sequester cuts for their disappointment.   Of course, as we all know, "the best laid plans o' mice and men often go awry."  On this plan, the administration miscalculated greatly, as it wasn't the sequester or Republicans the public blamed, but the president himself. [look at the plummeting poll numbers of the president]

I've heard some say this is politics as usual.  Really, purposefully doing harm to the American people for political advantage?  I don't know if that is a true statement or not, but I do know, whether this has been done in the past or not, it is outrageous conduct from the president of the United States.

You would have thought after that disastrous plan by the president, he would have left well enough alone. Instead, he comes up with another assault on the children of this country that he thinks will outrage the public against the GOP.  What is beautiful about this is that there is a written record on hand that proves the president is either lying about the cuts to children's vaccinations, or proving that, if true, he proposed twice as many children being unable to receive vaccinations.

Watch this video of  congressman Andy Harris, R-MD, expose a scandalous lying document put out by the White House to every member of congress of how sequester cuts would supposedly eliminate vaccines for a specified number of children in each state.  Rep Harris, a doctor himself, is questioning the mumbling director, of the CDC, Dr. Tom Friedan.  With as little information that this director knew, you wonder how the hell can he be in charge of the CDC.

Think about this ladies and gentlemen.   The president is willing to hurt children for political gain.  Of course, from the same man who left an Ambassador unprotected from a terrorist attack, so as not to upset his re-election campaign, or an administration not speaking out and demanding the release of a United States citizen currently being imprisoned by Iran because he is a Christian, is it really that surprising?

The Democrats who talk about the bogus "war on women", should be speaking out about the president's real "war on children."

Update: This just out from the Washington Post: "For more than a century, the White House Easter Egg Roll has been insulated from the sort of partisan sniping that now dominates Washington politics. That tradition ended Monday, when Republicans started complaining [revealed-my words not the biased Washington Post's] about a notice [from the Obama administration-also left out by the Washington Post] that the event could be canceled due to a potential government shutdown".

The Obama war on children continues. 

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hussein obama is a fraud. why do we even discuss him?