Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Buck Never Got Here

'The buck stops here' was a phrase popularized by President Harry Truman.  He had that on his desk so every day he would see it and be reminded that decisions made by his administration were his responsibility and should not be passed off to others.

Then we come to President Barack Obama.

"Fast and Furious" where Eric Holder said no information was relayed to the president about the scandal, in which an American border patrol agent was killed.  The president says he first heard about "Fast and Furious" on the news:

'Benghazi'  where the vice president of the United States says the Obama administration never knew there were security requests for the U.S. Embassy in Benghazi, Libya:

'Sequester' - "That wasn't something I proposed and it will never happen," said president Obama [until Bob Woodward pulled back the curtain on the lying president]:

Now we have the 'White House Tours keep out the kids-gate' where tours have been cancelled to the White House, supposedly because of the sequester.   President Obama, being interviewed by ABC News George Stephanopolous, blamed the secret service for the closing of the WH tours:

Are you getting the picture.  I agree with Dana Perino, former president George W Bush's press secretary, when she says that Obama does not take responsibility for anything bad that happens in his administration, but if something good happens, president Obama leaps to take full praise for it, whether he deserves it or not.

Tales could be wrong but there are reports that now on the White House desk there is a new sign Obama displays proudly: "The buck never got here."


bradley said...

the ONLY thing that STOPS at obama's desk is common sense, loyalty to israel, dedication to the american dream,desire to initiate entitlement reform,spending responsibility, (oops, unlike obama, i do not have a vacation or golf game today i must go back to work!)


Big Mike said...

Amen brother Brad!! That's the second sign on Obama's desk in the White House: "Common sense not allowed."