Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Thank You Jim Miklaszewski For This Good Reporting

 Hat Tip: NRO's "The Corner's" Andrew Johnson & Nathaniel Botwinick

Senator Harry Reid this Tuesday morning on the Senate floor rightfully expressed his condolences about the tragic explosion after a Marine Corps training exercise at the Hawthorn Army Depot, Nevada which resulted in the deaths of 7 Marines.  I join Senator Reid in mourning their deaths and pray that God grants their families peace.

Unfortunately, immediately after Majority Leader Reid payed his respects to the fallen Marines, he shamefully had to inject politics into this tragedy by implying the sequester cuts could lead to more tragedies like this in the future and therefore it is time for the sequester to end [i.e., time for the Republicans to give in].

Many of the Marine Corps took great exception to Senator Reid bringing politics into the tragedy.  This was brought ought in this great report by  NBC news chief pentagon correspondent, Jim Miklaszewski.  The "Tales" never fails to blast the sorry and biased reporting exhibited daily by the main stream media, so when there is a case of fair honest reporting by someone in the MSM, this must also be brought out.

Jim Miklaszewski reporting on Marines Corps officials response to Senator Reid's injecting politics into the tragic accident at Hawthorn Army Depot, Nevada:


bradley said...

i'm happily shocked that this reporter was so honest coming from msnbc, but bravo for him having guts to point out the inappropriateness of this administration!

Big Mike said...

Yep...thanks brad!