Monday, March 11, 2013

Hoping That Sen Kelly Ayotte Joins The Young Guns

Paul Mirengoff over the weekend had a great article on  powerlineblog entitled "Kelly Ayotte-Stranded".  It contained the same views I have about one of the emerging young new dynamic GOP senators, Senator Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire.  Mr. Mirengoff's  main theme is that Senator Ayotte has put herself in a box by aligning herself [mutually agreed to alignment] with veteran senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham.  This alignment seemed good for the freshman senator at first as, quoting Paul Mirengoff, "From Ayotte’s point of view, the alliance would elevate her profile, while providing her with national security/foreign policy credentials and the appearance of gravitas."

When Senators McCain, R-AZ and Lindsey Graham, R-SC did some great questioning of Chuck Hagel, and led the first vote on stopping cloture of his nomination, it seemed like Senator Ayotte made a brilliant move by turning the duo of McCain/Graham into the trio of McCain/Graham/Ayotte.

But then came out a series of actions by Senators McCain and Graham that reminded conservative Republicans why, no matter how great they can be on one issue, we [conservatives]  have pause to embrace them fully.  After some great questioning of former Senator Hagel revealed his incompetence on defense matters and also his anti-Israel bias, these two men led the way for cloture on the second vote. That is mind boggling when you think about it.  These two patriotic senators allowed an incompetent man to be approved because, as they put it, "the president deserved an up or down vote on his nominee."  Oh, really?  Shouldn't stopping a man they felt would be detrimental to the country in that cabinet position trump the president's right to a vote?

Even more damaging to me was Senator McCain's vulgar attack on the freshman senator from Texas, Ted Cruz, for wanting more documents about money Hagel received from foreign sources..  Senator McCain told his fellow Republican Senator Ted Cruz, "Chuck Hagel is an honorable man whose character and  integrity should be questioned by no one." Again, I say to John McCain, 'Oh, really?'  According to John McCain, Ted Cruz isn't allowed to ask for documents about Chuck Hagel's foreign donations when there were reports that he received donations from a group called 'Friends of Hamas."  Chuck Hagel, a man who wouldn't sign letters supporting Israel or call Hezbollah a terrorist organization. Chuck Hagel  a man who used the anti-Semitic term, "the Jewish lobby...".   I side with the great Senator Ted Cruz on this one and thought that it was Senator John McCain who was out of line, not Ted Cruz.

Then the final 'stab in the GOP back' from the 'frustrating to conservatives duo' of McCain and Graham came when they blasted Rand Paul [and those that supported him] for his filibuster.  Whether you agreed totally with Senator Paul's filibuster or not, his "Mr. Smith goes to Washington" moment gave a much needed boost to conservatives and Republicans around the country.  While Rand Paul had excited the country with his stand [literal] that he took on the senate floor, McCain and Graham [and sadly Kelly Ayotte and 6 others] were out wining and dining with the president.  That was bad enough but what they did when they came back from their meal was outrageous.They blasted Rand Paul for his filibuster. John McCain actually called Senators Ted Cruz and Rand Paul "wacko birds".

Senator Lindsey Graham made the infantile statement that while he was going to vote against John Brennan for CIA director, "Paul's ridiculous filibuster had "pushed me to support him."  Way to go, cry baby Graham, because you were upset with Rand Paul's filibuster, you made a vote against the best interests of your country.

Thankfully, Senator Kelly Ayotte did not join Graham and McCain in their attacks on Rand Paul and Ted Cruz, but her continuance at  being part of the old guard triumvirate, damages her greatly with the conservative wing of the Republican Party.  It is not too late for her to make it be known that she does not agree with John McCain and Lindsey Graham with their over the top attack of their fellow Republicans.  I hope she does because I think she is a good conservative who can be a part of the exciting young new stars of the GOP.  But to do that she cannot continue her alliance with McCain and Graham.

Here's hoping that Senator Kelly Ayotte joins the young guns, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and Rand Paul to become the big four in an exciting, renewed GOP, that will not take the destruction of our country sitting down, but are willing to fight, even filibuster if need be, to keep America exceptional.

Abandon the good old boys trio, Senator Kelly Ayotte, and make it the great quartet of Ayotte, Rubio, Paul and Cruz.  It is not too late, but the time is moving fast.

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