Monday, March 18, 2013

Doctor In The CPAC House

What a great introduction America got of the head neurosurgeon at John Hopkins Hospital, Dr. Benjamin Carson, when he spoke at the national prayer breakfast.  Probably, because we all got to hear his common sense conservatism and his speaking truth to power at that national prayer breakfast, Dr. Carson  was invited to speak at the conservative political action committee, CPAC 2013.  This brilliant man wowed the crowd at CPAC and had conservatives around the country cheering his great rhetoric.

This puts "Tales" in a quandary though.  The top two men "Tales" has been eying for the GOP nomination for president in 2016 have been Senators Ted Cruz, R-TX  and  Marco Rubio, R-FL.  Should it be Cruz/Rubio  or  Rubio/Cruz.  Well after hearing the great Dr. Carson speak some real "straight talk" [with all due deference to Sen John McCain] conservative values, "Tales" is seriously considering putting Dr. Ben Carson in the early GOP presidential nominee 2016 list.  Rubio/Carson, Carson/Rubio, Carson/Cruz, Cruz/Carson...what to do?

Pre-Post Update:  Luckily I checked the twitter feed before posting this article and Jack from Manhattan aka @talkRadio200 on twitter gave me the perfect answer to my quandary.  It can still be a Rubio/Cruz or Cruz/Rubio 2016 ticket with Dr. Benjamin Carson named as Surgeon General of the U.S.   That is a great idea by Jack.  Either Surgeon General or some position in which Dr. Carson can be an adviser to the president.  The next president needs to hear Dr.Benjamin Carson's wisdom.

Here is Dr. Benjamin Carson's great speech before CPAC.  I don't want to ruin it for you by giving all the great statements he made, but here is one teaser of a light hearted moment near the end of his speech: Dr. Carson told of some of the ridiculous complaints against him for speaking out about economic matters. These complainers would say, "How can you talk about economic matters, you're a neurosurgeon?"  Dr. Benjamin Carson paused and said,  "Well, it isn't brain surgery."

I want to thank C-SPAN  for televising this event and for making this video possible. They do a great service.

Dr. Benjamin Carson Speech Before CPAC 2013 Convention:


Anonymous said...

I love @SenTedCruz and of course I have supported Marco Rubio from the beginning. Now Dr. Benjamin Carson. Oh that is a man that could hold much much more than a Surgeon General. I think he would make the most amazing God fearing man for President ever. But I personally think Obama will run a 3rd term. Yes, 3rd term. :-(
Krissy in ATX

Big Mike said...

I pray that you are wrong Krissy....if that happens we are finished as a country. It may be too late already, but that would put the nail in America's coffin.