Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Cappella-Maccabeat Style

Hat Tip:  My sister-in-law Francine informed me of this beautiful singing, as we were both celebrating the Passover Seder at my sister Susan's house [a family tradition for decades].   What a wonderful Passover Seder and feast with family and friends. I love my sister and brother-in-law for their special hospitality.  Also, I want to say Susan and Francine are two great Americans.

This video is from a group we have had on the Tales in the past.  And with this beautiful singing will have on many times in the future, I am sure.  The Maccabeats are an all male a cappella group out of Yeshiva University.   This is the Passover story in 'Les Miserables' style.

As Passover continues, enjoy some beautiful a cappella singing.

Maccabeats: Les Miserables-Passover:

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