Thursday, February 7, 2013

What's In A Re-Election?

Hat Tip: Michael Medved host of the Michael Medved talk show.

Two world leaders have recently been re-elected.  Barack Obama in the United States of America and Benyamin Netanyahu in Israel. Both won relatively close elections.

President Obama  lost votes - lost percentage of victory- and lost electoral votes from his election in 2008.
Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu [leader of the Likud Party] while getting around the same amount of votes and percentage as in the 2009 Israel election, lost seats [his coalition] in the Knesset.

Barack Obama in 2008 got 69.5 million votes. In 2012 got 65.9 million votes  [-3.6 million]
Barack Obama in 2008 won by 9.5 million votes. In 2012 he won by 5 million votes [-4.5 million]
Barack Obama in 2008 got 53% of the popular vote and won by 7%.  Barack Obama in 2012 got 51% of the popular vote and won by less than 4%.
Barack Obama in 2008 won the electoral vote by 365-173 and in 2012 by 332-206.

Bibi Netanyahu in 2009 got [as leader of the Likud party] 758,000 votes. In 2013 got 885,000 votes.
Bibi Netanyahu in 2009 won 22.5% of the vote.  In 2013  he won 23% of the vote.
Bibi Netanyahu in 2009 won 27 seats [but formed coalition of 42 seats] in the Knesset. In 2013 he won 31 seats in the Knesset.

So, both men were re-elected. Barack Obama in a closer election and losing votes since 2008; and Bibi Netanyahu in a close election, but losing seats in the Knesset since 2009.

So, in similar situations, let us look at the headlines from the American media about these two leaders re-elections.
First headlines about president Barack Obama's close win:

From Howard Fineman on the Huffington Post: "Barack Obama's reelection signals rise of new America."

From Newsbusters: CNN: "Obama's win wasn't a mandate...except it was"

From US News: "Does President Barack Obama have a mandate?"

From The Quad City Times: "President Barack Obama rolled to re-election Tuesday night, vanquishing former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney..."

Now let's look at headlines about Bibi Netanyahu's close win:

From PBS News hour:  "Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud party appeared to eke out a win in Tuesday's elections, according to exit polls, the Associated Press reported"

From The Washington Post: "Netanyahu emerges weakened from Israeli elections"

From the Denver Post: "Despite win, Netanyahu loses big in Israel election."

From the Huffington Post:  "Netanyahu ekes out narrow win-loses support to centrists."

Hmmm.  What's in a re-election?  I guess it depends on who is being re-elected.

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