Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Warning: This Post Might Make You Sick

President Obama has always said [lied] that his administration has been the "most transparent in history". When interviewed about his administration's transparency [and in that question the Benghazi example was brought up], the president said amazingly "Benghazi, by the way, is not a good example of that, Benghazi was largely driven by campaign stuff..."  [to me it looks like the commander in chief has a sickening smirk on his face when talking about it]

Mr. President, four Americans died in Benghazi, like you give a damn.  That is not campaign "stuff" - that's concern about four great Americans and their families wanting answers. That is wanting answers why Ambassador Stevens and the rest of the Embassy did not get protection when they begged for it and they said they couldn't withstand an assault on their compound. That is wanting answers why for weeks you kept implying that this was not a terrorist attack but was caused by a U Tube video defaming [in your words], the prophet Mohammad and the great religion of Islam.

This has been the ugliest cover up in American political history because this scandal involved Americans being killed.  President Obama's administration did everything in their power to steer the American people away from the truth.  President Obama had an election to worry about and didn't want the truth coming out that would belie his claim that he stated often that Al Qaeda had been decimated and dismantled.  It is also the biggest scandal in American history because of the main stream media's ugly participation in the cover-up to protect president Obama. I submit the main stream media may be the worst actor in this whole affair because of their participation in the cover-up.  Tell me how this media is any different from the Soviet's Pravda or any third world dictator's media.  Baghdad Bob, where are you when we need you?

President Obama told the American people that his administration wouldn't rest "until we make sure that we bring to justice those who carried out these attacks.".  He said that was his number one goal.

That was over 5 months ago, Mr. president. So, either that was empty rhetoric on your part or else I must apologize for those who criticized you for going on a break one month into your new administration to play golf with Tiger Woods.  You must be dead tired from looking for those terrorists that killed the Benghazi four.

No this isn't campaign stuff president Obama.  This is one of the sickest episodes in American history, and for you to make light of it, makes me sick to my stomach.

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