Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The New Norm That The American People Voted For

In August 7, 2012 Tales did a post entitled: "Will the American People Really Accept This New Norm". It focused on the high gas prices [over $3] and high unemployment [8%] and wondered if the American people would really re-elect a president who presided over such a bad economy [not even talking about his disastrous foreign policy].  Well, we got the answer and it was, yes they would.

Here is a couple of sentences taken directly from that post...and remember this was last August:
"Now there is another deleterious new norm that seems to be taking place [if a change isn't made] that no one is really talking about--$3/gal gasoline.
These statistics come from the gas buddy.com chart:   The last time in America's history gas prices rose over $3/gallon was for 9 months during George W Bush's administration, from March to September of 2008.  Then the prices shot down to $1.61/gallon by January of 2009 before Barack Obama took office. 

Now in the Obama administration we have had an unprecedented [in America's history] 18 straight months of gas prices over $3/gallon.  From March of 2011 until today.  There seems like there is no end in sight.

The mainstream media which went crazy when gas prices even went over $2/gallon during the Bush administration are amazingly, but not surprisingly, suddenly quiet about high gas prices. So, I guess this is not news to the liberal media, which I guess means they believe this a new norm too that the American people will just have to accept."

Since that post was written, gas prices have remained over $3/ gallon.  If gas prices remain over $3/gallon for the rest of this month that means it will be exactly 2 years  that gas prices have been over $3. I had opined before the election that the news media would continue to remain silent about the high gas prices until a new Republican president was elected [which I was sure would have been last November].  Then all of a sudden high gas prices would be a concern again and then it would be discussed every single day like it was under Bush when gas prices went over $2/gallon.   Now I guess we have to wait another four years before high gas prices are discovered by the liberal media.

Because of the lack of media coverage and anger over high gas prices, like under president George W Bush, I guess I can't blame the American people for not punishing this current president with low approval polls like they did under Bush.  Every 5 cents rise in gas under Bush meant his polls would decrease.  Now it seems that the higher the gas prices the higher Barack Obama's popularity rises. I guess the American people are also waiting for a Republican president to take over before they will vent their anger over the occupant of the white house for high gas prices like they did president Bush.

$3/gallon gas looks like it is the new norm.  The new norm the American people voted for. For those of you who voted to re-elect this man and who are having hard times making ends meet and the gas prices are really hurting your economic situation I do not feel one iota of empathy for you.  This is one of the new norms you voted in favor of, so I will not be politically correct and say I feel sorry for you.   The thing I am sorry about is it made it hard on the rest of us who didn't vote for this new norm.

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