Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Disgusting Ron Paul

For the sake of disclosure, I have never been a fan of Ron Paul, and I have even been less a fan of the "paulbots," his wildly ardent supporters. To me some of his foreign policy positions have not just been out of the mainstream, they have been downright dangerous if ever put in place.  I cringe when he seems to always show up in the GOP presidential debates because he never fails to make some nutty statement that makes himself look foolish and diminishes the Republican Party. What is even worse, no matter how nutty a statement Paul makes, his supporters in the audience always cheer wildly.  Then after the debates are over, it never fails that Ron Paul is always the only candidate who does not support the eventual Republican candidate. Most of Paul's supporters go along with his inevitable dissing of the GOP nominee, as they praise Ron Paul as a man of principle.  These are many of the people who did not show up to vote in the 2012 election, and one of the reasons Barack Obama won re-election.   I find contempt for those people who would take their ball and go home because their man did not win in the primary.  How about, instead of caring about one man, caring about your country?  I have more respect for a liberal who supported Barack Obama, then a libertarian who refused to vote for Mitt Romney out of "principle", thereby handing the election to Barack Obama.

With that disclosure made, Ron Paul has outdone himself in nuttiness by making a totally outrageous statement.   Ron Paul on twitter on Monday commented about the tragic murder of hero Navy SEAL, purple heart winner, Chris Kyle at a Texas gun range.

From the Daily Caller  here is Ron Paul's [@RonPaul] tweet: 
"Chris Kyle’s death seems to confirm that “he who lives by the sword dies by the sword.” Treating PTSD at a firing range doesn’t make sense"

What a disgusting remark.  It would have been disgusting if made about anyone who has been murdered, much less an American hero. This remark, no matter how much Ron Paul tries to "clairfy" it, makes Ron Paul himself a disgusting man in my opinion.

When I saw Ron Paul's sickening tweet, I made this tweet to Hugh Hewitt: 
"@hughhewitt this is why Ron Paul is an idiot. don't let him in 2016 debates @Reince #Hewitt"             
note: the @Reince on twitter is Reince Preibus, the RNC chairman

I happened to hear Mike Gallagher on his talk show Tuesday morning talk about this remark by Paul and Gallagher asked any Paul supporter to call in and tell what they had to say about it.  At first there were no calls...and Mike made the correct remark that Ron Paul supporters usually come out of the woodwork when someone even mentions his name. Finally a few Ron Paul supporters did call and typical of a Ron Paul supporter, everyone of them made excuses for the remark even trying to justify it. That was sickening to hear. They put Ron Paul over an American hero who was murdered. They remind me of the Obama sycophants who will deny facts staring them in the face and justify any policy or statement of president Obama's.  The Paulbots and Obamaniacs justifying every move their man [god] makes no matter how obviously wrong, is, to say the least, frustrating and mind boggling.

Also, just think of how selfish for Ron Paul to make that statement.  Sure, he will not probably run again and will be out of public office, but you would think he would think about his son, Rand Paul, R-KY.  I know a statement like that cannot be foisted upon Rand Paul's shoulders, but unless Rand Paul completely distances himself and denounces the remark himself [and any future nutty remark his father makes], he will have zero chance at any higher office. You may say that is not fair, but that is reality.

You can see Ron Paul doesn't give a damn about the heroic efforts of a Navy SEAL, but you would think he would give a damn about his own son.   Evidently not.  Not the disgusting Ron Paul.


bradley said...

embarrasing, moronic, cruel, sickening, idiotic,uneducated, --- ron paul's statements---enough said!!

great post big mike, and your comparison to obamamaniacs (particularly american jewish obama naive lovers)is right on!

Big Mike said...

Thanks Brad!

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more big Mike. I was thinking the same thing about Ron Paul's consideration of his son's future in politics. I find it extrememly difficult, Ron Paul served in the military, and also as a doctor delivering thousands of babies. It seems power and his following of PaulBots boosted his Old Man Ego??? It doesn't make sense. And the Paul Bots are getting nudged and I fear some goof ball will cause some disruption. I pray not. But am thankful Rand Paul came out and called Navy Seal Kyle a hero. Which he most certainly is. A selfless hero like non other. At least in recent memory. Shameful actions by an elderly man. Krissy in ATX

Big Mike said...

Thanks Krissy, God Bless.