Monday, February 11, 2013

That Three AM Phone Call: Hello...Hello?

During the 2008 Democrat primaries, Hillary Clinton put out a TV ad asking who would be ready for that 3 AM phone call [implying that Barack Obama wasn't ready for prime time]. That turns out to be one truth Hillary implied that cannot be denied after viewing the US Senate's Benghazi hearings. The hearings also showed that Hillary Clinton wasn't ready for that 3 AM phone call either as she was completely absent while the terrorist attacks on our American Embassy took place. She was also absent in giving protection to Ambassador Stevens and the others in the Embassy when they had begged for it.

In an amazing disclosure by Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta under questioning by Senator Kelly Allote, R-NH, John McCain, R-AZ, Ted Cruz, R-TX, and Lindsey Graham, R-SC, it was found out that after initially informing the president at 5pm in the afternoon of the beginning attack on the Embassy, he never heard one word or question or message from the president of the United States again that night. You could tell the anguish on Sen Lindsey Graham's face when he found out that the president didn't even seem the bit concerned about his fellow Americans who were being surrounded in an attack by terrorists [and eventually being killed]. Not one call back to Secretary Panetta from the president or Hillary Clinton about what was happening or what could be done to try and help those in dire need.  Can you imagine if you had just found out a child of yours was missing or in harms way, that you would just go about your business or just go to sleep without trying to find out about their safety and whereabouts until the next day?  This president seems to have little trouble going to sleep without showing any concern for Americans in need.  His defenders will say, unlike George W Bush, president Obama can chew gum and work at the same time. 

If you remember, not just that day, but the next day when the deaths of the four Americans were well known, president Barack "what me worry" Obama went to Las Vegas for a celebratory fund raiser. Yeah, president, go ahead and raise that money. It was only four Americans who were killed in a terrorist attack..and that happened far far away.

Viva Las Vegas!

Hmm, maybe president Obama has an excuse for not knowing for the longest time that it was a terrorist attack that took place on our American Embassy in Benghazi.  Maybe the president has an excuse for going before the UN [two weeks after the terrorist attack] blaming an American for making a You Tube film disrespecting the "honorable prophet Muhammad" and the religion of peace itself for Americans being killed.

President Obama said he was outraged and that he would do everything in his power to make sure it  would never happen again while he was president.  Wow!    Well, no, he wasn't talking about a terrorist attack against Americans but an American making an outrageous video against his...I mean, against the religion of Islam.  Not on his watch, baby.

Yes, that American film maker who disrespected the great prophet of Islam is still in jail. Thank you mister president.  No Muslim will be disrespected as long as you are president. [and to think we almost elected Gov Mitt Romney....whew]

Yes, president Obama does have an excuse for not knowing that the attack on Benghazi was a terrorist attack.         He never answered that 3 AM phone call.

 It's 3AM and the phone rings in the White House


bradley said...

your great story reads like a novel, but tragically it's non-fiction!!

Big Mike said...

A tragedy for America, big Brad.

Anonymous said...

I expect this will all be cleared up when the president shows us his orders, and explains when and to whom the orders to protect the ambassador and bring his murderers to justice were given.

I'm sure that high priority mission of bringing the culprits to justice is going on just as well as the pivot to job creation, of the wielding of the budget scalpel.

Big Mike said...

Poor man-- all these problems on his plate-- and all Bush's fault. Time for a vacation.

Anonymous said...

I almost wish he would permanently just go golfing. But it seems, the puppetmaster is telling him that we must proceed to bring the nation down from within. He's going to cut our military pay and their health care, yet open the door to a voting block that came here breaking the law, not through our American process. Gr8t article.
Krissy in ATX

Big Mike said...

Yep Krissy...we are seeing the movie 2016 coming to reality right before eyes. Again you have to wonder about the American people. Do they even care?