Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tales Tweet Of The Week- 2-19

Hat tip: a great patriot @servative  for informing me of this tweet by another great patriot. Both are good tribble friends of mine.  While both friends of "Tales" that has no influence on me making this the tweet of the week.  None, zero, nada.  :-)

You might say, wait a second Tales, it's only Tuesday.  How can this be the tweet of the week with so many days to go in the week.  When you see this tweet you will realize that no other tweet will top this one.

The tweet is by @conservativeLA,  also known as Michael Patrick Tracy, who has a radio show on Friday nights in the Hughniverse called Conservartive LA radio.

Without further ado, the Tales tweet of the week:

This atheist will be spending St. Patrick's day at an Evangelical Christian church attending . I love America.

What a country!  The "Ask A Jew" event Michael is tweeting about will be radio talk show host extraordinaire Hugh Hewitt interviewing the equally extraordinaire radio talk show host Dennis Prager on Sunday, March 17, in Irvine, CA.       

Wish I was in So-Cal so I could attend this great event!

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