Thursday, February 28, 2013

Shame On The Major Jewish Organizations

Well, maybe I was too fast to condemn the Hagel nomination and confirmation.  If only I would have known of the following endorsement of Senator, and now [and it hurts me to even type this] Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, my opinion of him might have changed....then again.

I wonder if even that endorsement makes the Jewish Democrat senators, all of whom voted for Hagel's confirmation, a little queasy in the stomach. I doubt it. If Hagel's own words didn't convince them of his antithesis toward Israel and of his anti-Semitic tendencies, then I'm sure they will dismiss these comments as guilt by association. The real sadness of the whole situation is that except for the Republican Jewish Coalition, not one Jewish organization, not one, said a word in opposition to Hagel's nomination. All it would have taken is for one major Jewish organization to oppose Hagel for his nomination to fall. They let their liberal Democrat ideology overtake their concern about an anti-Israel nominee. 

And that is truly a shame. A shame on the major Jewish organizations.
Update: The Tales ombudsman, Mr.Bigmouth, pointed out to me that I missed asking the obvious question in this post. He says I should have asked if the endorsement made just days before Hagel's confirmation vote, by this man who loves Islam, hates Israel, and was featured on the cover of the anti-Semitic  Reverend Jeremiah Wright's church magazine, is the endorsement that sealed the deal.       This is when I finally got to correct my ombudsman.  I said, "Mr. Bigmouth, you are wrong.  The endorsement wasn't made days before. The president endorsed Hagel weeks ago."

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