Monday, February 4, 2013

Now That Is More Like It GOP

I know most of you, like me, were so disappointed in how the Republicans questioned [or failed to question] Hillary Clinton on the Benghazi terror attack that resulted in the death of Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other great Americans on the American Embassy [therefore, American soil] in Libya.  Because of  some inept questioning and or follow up questioning by the GOP, they let Hillary Clinton and this administration off the hook. By doing so they let the American people down.  Moreover, they let the families of the Benghazi four killed by Muslim terrorists down.

Conservative talk show host, professor and lawyer Hugh Hewitt on his radio show said that the GOP needed to hire some good [prosecution-my word] lawyers in helping them with their questioning. Hugh had that right.

Following the disappointing GOP performance in questioning of Hillary Clinton almost immediately came the senate hearing for the nomination of Chuck Hagel, R-NB for Secretary of Defense.  We witnessed  an amazing and welcome major turnaround from the GOP senators that had a lot of us conservatives cheering.

Sen Lindsay Graham, Ted Cruz, John McCain and other GOP senators really stood tall with some great questioning of  Chuck Hagel.   Sen Ted Cruz and Sen Lindsay Graham were especially effective with their stiletto like slicing of Chuck Hagel over his past statements regarding the Middle East and Israel and America's role in the world. Any neutral observer would have to say in a fair world Chuck Hagel's nomination would be finished after Cruz and Graham's brilliant performance which removed the curtain around Hagel which revealed his astonishing lack of knowledge regarding matters important for a Defense secretary to know and his unfriendliness [putting it mildly] toward the state of Israel.  That is in a real world where an obvious lack of competence and  also outlandish comments by the Defense Secretary nominee should matter to Democrat senators. While that should be the case in a just world,  I am not holding my breath that the Democrat senators will put country ahead of supporting their fellow Democrat president's nominee.

If there is anyone around who has not yet seen the questioning by Sen Lindsay Graham, R-SC and Sen Ted Cruz, R-TX please watch them here.  Most of you have probably seen or heard clips of their questioning of Hagel, these videos contain the entire testimony. Senator Ted Cruz questioning of Hagel was nothing short of riveting brilliance. You can tell this great freshman senator from Texas has argued and won cases before the United States Supreme Court.

They both begin their questioning with the appropriate perfunctory praise of Hagel's service to the country and appearance before the committee. Then the appropriate attack on Hagel begins.

Watch closely and you will say-Now that is more like it GOP!

Chuck Hagel being questioned by Sen Lindsay Graham, R-SC before the US Senate committee on his nomination for Secretary of Defense:

Chuck Hagel being questioned by Sen Ted Cruz, R-TX :

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