Monday, February 18, 2013

America's Two Major Parties Split On Support For Israel

Note: In this post when I talk about Republicans and Democrats I don't mean every single Democrat or every single Republican. To be sure there are some Democrat politicians and a portion of the Democrat public that support Israel, and there a few Republican politicians and a few Republicans in the  public that don't support Israel.  This post is recognizing a new phenomenon that seems to have taken place in America with a majority of Democrats vs a majority of Republicans.

Jewish people in America who support Israel have always been comforted by the fact [ever since I can remember] that both major parties in the United States, Democrats and Republicans, [general population and politicians] have been equally supportive of the state of Israel. There has always been strong support for Israel and thank God for that.

There seems to have been a recent phenomenon that has almost crept on us by surprise. I first had a queasy feeling in my stomach when a majority of Americans completely discounted a presidential candidate's 20 year relationship with a virulent anti Semitic pastor and by a good margin elected that candidate as president of the United States.  When this man, Barack Obama began his first term as president he made what some of us thought were anti Israel statements and policies. What I noticed was, liberal Democrats, even Jewish Democrats never wavered in their support of president Obama. It didn't matter what Barack Obama would say or do regarding Israel, the Democrats [general population and politicians, with a few exceptions] made excuses for every move he would make. That gave me a more queasy feeling in my stomach about Democrats support for Israel.  

This recent phenomenon, when looking over the polls, may have begun earlier than I thought.
This from the Gallup Poll in April of 2002: "Throughout the 1990s, Republicans consistently gave larger margins of support to the Israelis over the Palestinians than did the Democrats."

In April of 2010 in Real Clear Politics, Carolyn Glick noted:  "A Gallup poll conducted in February showed that whereas 85 percent of Republicans support Israel (up from 77% in February 2009), and 60% of Independents support Israel (up from 49% in February 2009), only 48% of Democrats support Israel, (down from 52% in February 2009)."

A Pew research center poll in October of 2012 noted in showed an even wider gap: 
"In a new Pew Research Center poll conducted this month, the study shows that it was bad enough when members of both parties were asked whether the United States is too supportive of Israel; twice as many Democrats agreed; 25% to 13%.    But the real shocker was another question: “Do you think the United States is not supportive enough of Israel?”...46% of Republicans said the U.S. was not supportive enough, while only 9% of Democrats thought so".

Okay, those are just polls and polls aren't always accurate, so maybe that can't be taken as definitive on the issue. 

But then we had the 2012 Democrat Convention in which a big portion if not a majority of Democrat delegates voted "no" to Jerusalem.  I am sure liberal Democrats will say that was a tiny portion of the Democrat party and doesn't prove anything.  Well, I'll let you look at the video to see if this was just a small portion of elected delegates to the national Democrat party convention or a big portion of delegates. Remember when you are watching, these are all democrats [representative of the Democrat public as they were voted in by their fellow Democrats].

Okay, maybe the polls weren't accurate and maybe that video was a one time anomaly but now with what has just happened with the senate hearings and committee vote on the Hagel nomination can there be any doubt anymore that the Republican Party is much more supportive of the state of Israel than the Democrat Party?  Tales has done a couple of posts in the past to show of Hagel's anti Israel statements and positions. Please read Tales post of  Hagel's nomination an in your face slap at Israel.  So, with the clear anti Israel animus toward Israel well known by all US senators from the committee hearings, here is how the Senate armed forces committee voted regarding the Hagel nomination:  All 14 Democrats voted in favor of the Hagel nomination and all 11 Republicans voted against it.  If the Hagel nomination comes to a vote in the United States Senate I can almost guarantee that while a big majority of Republicans will vote against the Hagel nomination there won't be one Democrat, Jewish or otherwise that will vote against the Hagel nomination.  That is shameful to me. 

With the polls, the Democrat convention, and now the Hagel nomination there is no doubt anymore of the split of the two major parties regarding their support for Israel.

In my opinion it is now official: There is only one major party in the United States that is united in their strong support for the state of Israel, and that is the Republican Party.

I am proud to be a conservative who is in the party that was the one in favor of the abolition of slavery, and that is now the one in favor of the state of Israel.  The Republican Party.


bradley said...

big mike, i am very concerned about american Jews naively supporting this administration, always finding an excuse or rational for anti-Israel or anti-semetic comments( see Hagel, see Obama calling for pre-67 borders, see Obama dissing Bibi,) made by them. I feel there are only 2 possibilities why this would be, 1. they have no connection or could care less about Israel or 2. they are un-informed , blind voters whom only watch the mainstream media and vote that way because their parents did---- not sure which is worse!

Big Mike said...

Great comments again big Brad. It's sad but the sad truth.
Thanks bro!!

Unknown said...

Quite right, Michael--I was tweeting today about anniversary, 1970, of Chicago 7 (Tom Hayden & his communist friends) getting off from conspiracy to riot at Democrat convention 1968. The Democrat Party has been infiltrated & taken over by the the ultra left ever since then! Tom Hayden has been a Stalinist, unreconstructed, & runs & gets elected as a Democrat. He's just one of many!! They all HATE ISRAEL!! This hatred of Israel has been spreading since Sirhan Sirhan (Palestinian!) murdered Bobby Kennedy in 1968 out of hatred for Israel and avoided the death penalty on this day in 1972 (also made tweets about this) when CA Supreme Ct. declared death penalty "unconstitutional." In conclusion, though I could go on & on, we are heading for hell in hand-basket, with the GOP being but a thin line of defense, and too many of them not really understanding what needs to be done!! I pray everyday. Thank you for your excellent work here and always!!

Big Mike said...

God Bless you Balladeer! You are a true friend of Israel.