Monday, February 25, 2013

A Vote For Cloture Is A Vote For Hagel's Nomination

In recent posts I have praised Senators Lindsey Graham and John McCain for their brilliant questioning of Senator Chuck Hagel in the Armed Forces Committee hearings of Hagel's nomination for Secretary of Defense. In fact, I apologized to them for any who called them RINOs.   Hearing recent statements by Graham and McCain I may have to take back that apology. I hear senators McCain and Graham are now saying that while they will vote against Hagel's nomination, they must give deference to the president's nominations and will vote in favor of cloture next time to allow an up or down vote.  Both men said they voted against cloture the first time, along with 39 other Republicans [which blocked cloture and blocked a vote on the anti Israel Hagel] to use it as leverage to get some documents and answers on the Benghazi scandal and cover-up.    I would have hoped that the filibuster was really about stopping a man clearly unqualified for the job; a man who gave maybe the weakest performance in a confirmation hearing in the history of this country; a man who clearly is anti Israel bordering on anti Semitic.

So, if the first vote to stop Hagel's nomination was to find answers about Benghazi, what the hell are the answers? Why didn't the call for help from Ambassador Stevens get to Hillary's desk? Why wasn't there any attempt at getting help to the Benghazi four during the seven hour attack? Who was the one who changed the talking points given to Susan Rice when she went on every Sunday talk show and in effect lied to the American people [and the world]?  Why did president Obama talk about a U Tube video that attacked his favorite religion before the world at the United Nations two weeks after the terrorist attack?   Senators Graham and McCain, if you can't answer those questions to the American people and specifically to the families of those killed in Benghazi, then what has changed since your first vote to filibuster?  Why are you going to vote for cloture this week?

Senator Graham brought out some of the senator's obvious anti Israel tendencies with some great questioning.  Was all that questioning empty rhetoric?  If Senator Graham votes for cloture this next week, then all that questioning will be for naught because if Hagel gets a full vote by the Senate it will surely mean confirmation for Hagel. The fact that both McCain and Graham will probably vote no on the confirmation vote by the entire Senate will be meaningless as the Democrats with 55 votes will put him over the top. Make no mistake about it, a vote to allow cloture is de facto a vote for Hagel.

Both Senators Graham and McCain have said, the president was re-elected and therefore his nominee deserves an up or down vote by the entire senate.  Does the president really deserve an up or down vote for his nominee if that nominee's confirmation will be detrimental to the United States of America?  If instead of showing anti Israel and anti Semitic tendencies, a nominee of a president showed anti black American tendencies would Hagel and Graham and also the Democrats on the committee still show deference to the president's choice?  I sincerely doubt it.

I beg both Senators McCain and Graham to make a vote for their country by voting against cloture, not a vote to maintain a tradition of the good old boys senate by allowing an obvious 'bad for the country' nominee to be approved.

A vote for cloture will be a vote for Hagel's nomination.   Please GOP senators, think about it.  You are the only ones who can stop Senator Hagel's nomination. It is in your hands.


Anonymous said...

I think the WH answered the Benghazi question 2/14th. Neither the President nor the Sec of St could be bothered about an assault leading to the murder of an Ambassador. Some things should be dealt with below their pay grade.

Big Mike said...

Yep DBS, they made that still begs the question why did McCain and Graham filibuster Hagel the first time but will give in this time. What has changed?

Thanks DB Snyder!

Anonymous said...

My understanding is that they were asking for Benghazi answers from the WH, they sort of got them. The president lied. (remember when that was an impeachable offense? - not anymore)

Unknown said...

Big Mike - McCain & Graham shot themselves in the foot by saying they will let the President have his nominee...the Dem Senators did not let the GOP President have say Sen John Tower and others..they don't get you have to play to win! You don't win when you come in 2nd or 3rd!

Big Mike said...

Yep, I'm afraid your right Jill. It's Ground Hog Day all over again. Our side always wants to play by the rules [and there excuse is, one day we may be in charge]-but then when we do get in charge the Dems have no problem stopping our nominees-rules be damned. If we don't play to win, we will always lose. I should have known to get my hopes up about Graham and McCain--they can talk good but in the end always capitulate.