Monday, October 7, 2013

16 Trillion And Still Counting More

With the looming debt ceiling debate quickly approaching, Tales thought it appropriate to do this repeat post from February, 2013:

to the late great Tennessee Ernie Ford.  Sure wish he was singing this instead of Tales.... I know, I know, keep my day job.

16 trillion and still counting more:


bradley said...

OMG, awesome , funny, I loved it and sadly your parody is so true--- don't know that Nashville will be calling , but mike , very proud of this great post!!!

Big Mike said...

in other words .... keep my day job...oh, wait I'm retired :-)))

Anonymous said...

Just Remember the President's goal,
to owe your soul to the Government Dole

Big Mike said...

Why didn't you tell me that before I published :-)) That would have been better words.
Thanks DB!!

Anonymous said...

That is wild! LOL Loved it! Unfortunately, I wish it wasn't true.

Krissy in ATX

Big Mike said...

Thanks thanks Krissy!!!