Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Next Great Communicator

Repeat post [with modifications and updates] from July 12, 2011:

I always thought it has been foolish for Republicans and conservatives to keep searching for the next Ronald Reagan. What that does is make any candidate we put up a disappointment as they will not meet Reagan's great communication standards.   There was only one Ronald Reagan and there will never be another.  That doesn't mean we have to stop yearning for a great communicator who can reach the American people by communicating in a clear way those traditional conservative values we cherish.

That search may be over. We need to look no further than the great state of Florida.  Senator Marco Rubio has been communicating some great common sense rhetoric since he became senator.  When he first got to the senate he was strong on foreign policy and national security issues, with his emphasis that America is an exceptional country and we should do everything in our power to make sure America is always exceptional.
Senator Rubio has been very strong on his staunch support of Israel.  Please read my post in April 2011:  Marco Rubio stands tall with Israel.

As great as Senator Rubio has been on national security issues, he has really been on fire in the debate about raising the debt ceiling, and on job creation, and on the economy in general.  He has so much great commentary on those issues it was hard to just pick out one video to demonstrate.

This video of Senator Marco Rubio on the senate floor from July of 2011:

This man is the next great communicator and he exudes confidence in speaking without shame as a proud conservative Republican. We not only see that in the preceding video, but in recent interviews with the great talk show host Hugh Hewitt and radio and TV host Sean Hannity [on Monday January 28, 2013].

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You may say to yourself, sure the senator can speak well before friendly conservative interviewers like Hugh Hewitt [although I submit while Hugh Hewitt may be a friendly conservative interviewer, he is not afraid to ask the tough [but fair] questions to all interviewees] and Sean Hannity, but how would the senator from Florida handle himself by questioning from the unfriendly liberal main stream media.  You have to look no further than this interview I found on the Tales blog from July 17, 2011 of  Senator Marco Rubio being interviewed by Bob Schieffer on "Face the Nation".   Watch how about midway through this video the affable Bob Schieffer turns into presidential spokesman attack dog interviewer and how the great Senator Rubio never flinches or stutters in answering [and correcting when he has to] Bob Schieffer.  This is one of the most impressive interview performances on a main stream media broadcast by a conservative, maybe since the first great communicator, Ronald Reagan.

I predict that after Senator Marco Rubio completes his second successful term as President Marco Rubio [in January 2025] we may all be saying, "will there ever be another Marco Rubio?"


bradley said...

Very impressive and exciting to listen to

Big Mike said...

Yes, Brad, he will one day be the president of the United States.