Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Most Repugnant Ad Ever?

The Center for Reproductive Rights has just come out with maybe the most repugnant ad ever made in the history of the United States.  This organization celebrates the 40th anniversary of the Roe vs Wade of the United States of the Supreme Court which legalized abortion. Even the ultra liberal Supreme Court Justice Ruth Ginsberg said [while she didn't disagree with the result of the decision] the decision moved to fast in "developing" [my word] a constitutional right for abortion, and they should have delayed a decision and waited for the people [through the states] to recognize the right to an abortion. 

I think many, of even  the most ardent "pro choice" supporters of abortion, have to find the following ad out of bounds.  This ad doesn't just celebrate the Roe vs Wade decision in an in your face way, it makes light of a practice that many religious people believe is the taking of a human life.  Even many liberal politicians, when couching their support of Roe v Wade, say they want "abortions to be safe, legal and rare".  Whether they really believe that or not is questionable, but they say that because they recognize how divided the country is on this issue and how explosive it is. If they really do believe that, even they have to feel queasy when watching this video.  Weird, creepy, and repugnant are many of the descriptive words of those who have seen it [as tweeted on twitter].  This ad isn't just a "pro choice" ad, it is a glorifying pro abortion ad.

I really don't like giving this group recognition, but since they made the ad I must acknowledge that it came from The Center for Reproductive Rights in one of their ads called "Draw the Line".


Anonymous said...

I saw that yesterday, and saddened that a large portion of the culture see's life in this ugly darkness. :-(
Krissy in ATX
God Forgive Us

Big Mike said...

Sad indeed Krissy. Thanks.