Monday, January 21, 2013

The Mood I Feel Today

Call me a sore loser, a bad sport if you want, but I feel no excitement about today's inauguration of the man whose re-election, in my opinion, will be a disaster for this country.  I really feel in my heart that America missed out on a man who could have been a great president, Mitt Romney.  But that is crying over spilled milk. The American people have made their choice and all of us will have to deal with four more years of divisive politics continuing from president Barack Obama.  More than the bad economic policies, more than an unraveling foreign policy, which could lead to big troubles ahead, the purposeful divisiveness perpetrated by this president, which leads to distrust and disunity among the people of this country is what I hate most about his re-election.

There is some good news I can report. Today president Obama is more than halfway past his two terms in office.  Let the countdown begin. 

To display the mood I feel today I give you a little Chopin.

F. Chopin: Piano Sonata #2 in B flat minor, movement 3, Marche Funebre, Lento:

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