Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Islamist Winter

In Egypt on December 23, 2012 the Muslim Brotherhood has claimed total victory after a second round of voting.  As reported in the article linked above  "The new charter [a Sharia based constitution] was approved by 64 percent of Egyptian voters in a “resounding victory,” state news agency al-Ahram reported on Sunday. The preliminary tallies were calculated from reports by polling station officials. Egypt's election committee will confirm the final results on Monday."

Does anyone remember how those of us who said the ousting of Mubarak might turn out to be not such a good thing as it might give more power to the Muslim Brotherhood? We were told that we were unrealistic alarmists as the Muslim Brotherhood was just a tiny portion of the Egyptian community and anyway, they proudly stated, the Muslim Brotherhood said they would not participate in the upcoming elections and had no interest in power?  Even some conservatives like Bill Kristol admonished those who warned of a possible Islamist rise to power. That ridicule, at the least, now seems misplaced. The 'know it alls' should have been looking in the mirror.

In Tunisia  we were given the same optimistic predictions, yet the Arab spring has wrought an Islamist revolution with an Islamist ruling government. 

In Libya came the same predictions about Qadaffi's ouster, yet we get Benghazi with the Isalmists gaining more influence.

In the dysfunctional Syria we have violence on Christians escalating [check link] as Islamists attempt to gain control. 

Add all of this Islamist turmoil along with the Islamist Republic of Iran and we have the sharia based extremists poised to take control of almost the entire Middle East. Not only does this pose a serious danger to Israel as it is increasingly becoming surrounded by enemies that want to eliminate her, we also have violent attacks spewed on the Christian people and their churches from the bigoted Islamists. 

We keep being told that an overwhelming majority of Muslims are moderate Muslims who just want freedom and peace. If that is true, then they are truly the quintessential "silent majority."

Yes, with the ousting of Mubarak, world leaders had visions of democracy and peace and an Arab Spring of hope dancing in their heads.  That fantasy hope balloon has sadly been popped as we see the true reality that has befallen the Arab world.

The Arab Spring has become the Islamist Winter-full of danger for the Middle East, "infidels", and the entire world.


bradley said...

the question i have (but fear i know the real answer!) is, was Obama really hoping for democratic middle east governments and miscalculate, or did he know what was coming and really favor what we see happening now--tragically , i fear the latter!

Big Mike said...

Brad, remember when Obama gave his Muslim outreach (love) speech at the beginning of his term- he demanded that the Muslim Brotherhood be allowed to attend ( not wanted by the Munharak regime) - so this is no miscalculation- to Obama this is democracy in action- righting wrongs from the evil West.