Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Curious Mind Of A Liberal

My recent post about the double standard applied by Colin Powell towards Republicans as opposed to Democrats had me thinking of other curious opposing applications by liberals regarding speech depending on who that speech comes from.   I think, maybe like me, you will wonder about the curious mind of a liberal.

The curious mind of a liberal:
Colin Powell is outraged when a Republican uses the term shuckin' and jivin' when talking about president Obama because he said it brought back memories to the days of slavery.

Colin Powell is silent when vice president Biden said Romney wanted to "put y'all back in chains." [I guess that didn't bring back memories to the days of slavery to Colin Powell] __________________________________________________________________________________
An American makes a U Tube video against Mohammed- throw him in jail [and it looks like throw away the key]

A British movie is made portraying the assassination of George W Bush- freedom of speech [creative]
Rush Limbaugh [who liberals try to demean by saying he is just an entertainer] calls Sandra Fluke a slut [and apologizes the next day live on the air]- off with his head-apology not accepted

Bill Maher calls Sarah Palin a cunt and never apologizes- freedom of speech, and anyway he's just an entertainer
Rush Limbaugh makes an opinion that QB Donovan McNabb is overrated- fire him-outrageously stupid

Isaiah Thomas and Spike Lee say that Larry Bird was overrated- freedom of speech-their opinion
A beauty pageant contestant announces her support for traditional marriage- "outrageous" kick her out  

A so called artist exhibits a portrait of Jesus in a bottle of urine- freedom of speech [thoughtful/brilliant]
After a shooting tragedy all liberals in an uproar about Sarah Palin because she had targets of Democrat congressman she wanted defeated in the upcoming election.--outrageous, insensitive

After a shooting tragedy [Sandy Hook] president Obama in a news conference says he will "not let the Republicans hold a gun to the head of the American people" [re: debt ceiling talks]--crickets from liberals
Columbia University invited Iranian madman Mahmoud Ahmadinajad to speak at their "prestigious" university- in the interest of hearing all diverse views

Columbia University banned military recruiters on campus for over 40 years- the last lame excuse was the "Don't Ask Don't Tell" policy of the military.  

Hmm, let's see.  So, the liberals felt that the military, I guess, was not tolerant enough of gays. And they must feel, I guess, that Mahmoud Ahmadinajad is  ...

The curious mind of a liberal. 



Big Mike said...

I must give the first comment of my own post as, after reading the post to my wife, she didn't like the title of the post. The fetching Mrs B said it should be called the "senseless mind of a liberal". :-)

bradley said...

Wow, I remember all these clearly but great review of liberal hypocrisy! These pail in comparison to Obama apologizing for some anti- Muslim Internet video that no one has seen , but demand no apology from Muslims and leaders whom burn American flags, chop of American heads , and commit to destroying pig Jews!

Big Mike said...

You hit the jackpot brother! Thanks Brad!

dbsnyder said...

The President's children are somehow protected, Sarah Palin's are not.

Anonymous said...

Mrs. B has it right! My goodness, a Twitter friend of mine hit the nail on the head saying, she had never seen the US polorized this much maybe since the Civil War. The Propoganda mainstream media has done a fine job. I just saw the Propoganda 1938 that Hitler did with the children today. Frightening. And seems history will repeat itself. I am NOT one to confront and I've been accused of being everything I'm not. Sure glad write this blog.
Krissy in ATX

Big Mike said...

Another great example DB!

Big Mike said...

Your friend is absolutely correct Krissy.
and I will let Sheralyn know! :-))